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Full text of "The principall acts of the Generall Assembly, conveened at Edinburgh upon the first Wednesday of July, the fourth of that moneth, in the year 1649"

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The  firft  Wednefday  of  fuly    the  fourth 
of  that14  Moneth,  in  the  year,    164-9. 


Printed  by  Eyan  Tyler,  Printer  to  the  Kings 
moft  Excellent  Majefty,   1 C  <f  9. 







Holden  at 


fufy  7.  16+9. 

Iuly  7. 164.9.  Antemeridiem.  Seff.  I  V. 

^Approbation  of  the  proceedings  of  the  Commifsi- 
oners  of  the  (general  Affembly. 

H  E  Generall  Aflembly  having  heard 
the  report  of  the  Committee  appoint- 
ed for  reviling  the  proceedings  of  the 
Commiflioners  of  the  preceding  Af- 
fembly •  And  finding  thereby  ,  that  in 
all  their  proceedings  they  have  been 
zealous ,  diligent  and  faithfull ,  in  the 
difcharge  of  the  truft  committed  to 
them  ,  do  therefore  unanimously  Ap- 
prove &Ratifie  the  whole  proceedings, 
AclsandConcIufions  of  thefaid  Commiflion-,  Appointing  Mr. 
$ohn  Sell  Moderator  pro  tempore  to  return  them  heartie  thanks  in 
the  name  of  the  Aflembly  for  their  great  pains,  travil  and  fidelity. 

Iuly  10.    1649.  Antemeridiem.   Seff.  VL 

approbation  of  the  Commifsionersfent  to  his  iJWajefty. 

[H  E  Generall  Aflembly  having  taken  in  feri- 
ous  confederation  the  Report  of  the  Travellsand 
Proceedings  of  the  Commiflioners  fent  to  his 
Majeftie  prefentcd  by  them  this  d  ay ,  Together 
with  the  Commiflion  and  Inftru&ions  which 
were  given  unto  them  ^  Do  finde  by  the  Re- 
port, that  they  have  been  very  diligent  and  faithfull  in  the  dif- 
charge of  the  Truft  Committed  to  them:  And  therefore,  do 
unamimoufly  Approve  of  their  Carriage,  and  return  them  hearty 
thanks  for  their  great  Pains  and  Travails  in  that  Employment. 

A  2  JWjii?. 

z  7  be  (jenerall  Ajjembly,  164.9. 

Iuly  19. 1649.  Toflmeridiem.  Sell.  XVIIf. 
AB  difcbarging  promt fcuous  Dancing. 

!H  E  AfTembly  finding  the  fcandall  and  abufc  that  arif«s 
thorow  promifcuous  Dancing  :  Do  therefore  Inhibit 
and  difcharge  the  fame ,  and  do  referre  the  Cenfure 
WHSffi  thereof  to  feverall  Presbyteries  ,EarneftIy  Recommend- 
ing it  to  their  care  and  diligence. 

Iuly  20.  164.9.  Antemeridem.  SeiT.  XIX. 
AB  concerning  the  receiving  of  Engagers  in  thelate 
unlaw  full  War  againflEnghnd,  to  pub  lie  ^Sa^ 
tisfaBion,T'ogetbeo  with  tbeT)eclaratton  and 
Acknowledgment  to  be  Jubfcribed  by  them. 

H  E  Generall  Alterably  confidering  what  great 
offence  againft  God  ,  and  Scandal  to  his  People 
at  home  and  abroad  hath  arifen  from  the  late 
unlawfull  Engagement  in  War  againft  England, 
whereby,  contrary  to  the  Law  of  God  and  of 
Nations,  contrary  to  the  Solemn  League  and 
Covenant,contrary  to  the  Petitions  of  almoft  the 
whole  Kingdom ,  contrary  to  the  Declarations  of  rhe  Judicatories 
of  this  Kirk,  contrary  to  the  Proteftations  of  a  confiderable  part 
of  the  Parliament,  contrary  to  the  frequent  and  clear  warnings 
of  the  Servants  of  God  in  his  name,  notonelyan  Aflociation  in 
Counfels  and  Arms  was  made  with  Malignant  perfons ,  who  had 
formerly  fhewn  their  dif-affecYion  to  the  Covenant  and  Caufe, 
but  an  invafion  of  the  Neighbour  Nation  was  prolecuted-  fiom 
whence  flowed  the  oppreflionof  the  perfons,  eftates  and  confei- 
ences  of  many  of  the  People  of  God  in  this  Land  ,  the  fhedding  of 
the  blood  of  fome,  thelofleanddifhonourof  this  Nation,  and 
feverall  other  inconveniences:  And  confidering  that  the  Com- 
miffioners  of  the  laft  Generall  Aflembly  have  acquit  themfelves 
faithfully ,  in  ordainiug  to  be  fulpended  from  the  renewing  of  the 
Covenant,  and  from  the  Ordinance  of  the  Lords  Supper,  fuchas 
are  defigned  in  their  A3s  of  Date  the  6.  of  October  and  4.  of  De- 
cember h& ,  referring  the  further  consideration  and  cenfure  of  the 
perfons  foref aid  to  this  prefent  Generall  AfTembly:  Therefo.ethe 
Generall  AfTembly  for  removing  of  fuch  offences ,  and  for  pre- 
vention of  the  like  in  time  coming,  and  for  reftoring  of  fuch  as  are 
truly  humbled,  do  Declare.and  Appoint, 

I.  That  all  thofe  who  have  been  guilty  and  cenfuredas  afore- 
faid,  and  withal,  do  not  by  their  addreflesto  Kirk  Judicatories 
teftifie  their  diflike  thereof,  and  give  evidences  of  their  Repen- 

The  Generall  Ajfembly.  3 

tance  therefore ,  That  thefebe  procefled,  and  continuing  obfti- 
nate,  be  excommunicated-,  But  if  withallthey  go  on  in  promo- 
ving  Malignant  Defigncs,  that  they  be  forthwith  Excommuni- 
cated :  As  alio  lhat  all  fuch  perfons  guilty  as  aforefaid ,  who  after 
Profeflion  of  their  Repentance  (hall  yet  again  hereafter  relapfe 
to  the  promoting  any  Malignant  Defigne ,  that  thefe  be  likewife 
forthwith  excommunicated . 

II.  That  all  thefe  who  have  been  guilty  and  cenfured  as  afore- 
faid, and  deflre  to  teftifie  their  Repentance,  and  to  be  admitted  to 
the  Covenant  and  Communion ,  (hall  befides  any  Confeffion  in 
public  k  before  the  Congregation  (ubferibe  the  Declaration  hereto 
fub-joyned,  of  their  unfained  deteftation  and  renunciation  of  that 
Engagement ,  and  all  other  Malignant  courfes  contrary  to  the  Co- 
venant and  Caufe ,  Promifing  to  keep  themfelves  from  fuch  ways 
in  time  com«ng,and  acknowledging  that  if  they  (hall  again  fall  into 
fuch  defection  thereafter,  they  may  juftly  be  accompted  perfidi- 
ous backfliders ,  and  breakers  of  the  Covenant  and  Oath  of  God, 
and  proceeded  againft;  with  the  higheft  Cenfures  of  the  Kirk. 

III.  That  of  thefe  who  have  been  guilty  and  cenfured  as  afore- 
faid, and  defire  now  to  teftifie  their  Repentance,  Whofoever  were 
formerly  joynedin  Arms  or  Counlell  with  James  Graham\nh\s 
Rebellion ,  or  who  were  Generall  perfons  or  Colonels  in  the  late 
unlawful!  Engagement,  Or  who  went  to  Ireland  to  bring  over 
Forces  for  that  effect,  Or  who  have  been  eminent,  active  in  contri- 
ving of,or  (educing  unto  the  (aid  Engagement,or  whofoever  above 
the  degree  of  a  Lieutenant  Commanded  thefe  parties,  that  in  pro- 
moving  of  the  ends  of  the  faid  Engagement  fhed  blood  within  the 
Kingdom  ,  either  before  that  Army  of  Engagers  went  to  England, 
or  after  their  recui  n,Or  who  above  the  degree  fore(aid  Command- 
ed in  thehte  Rebellion  in  the  North  -7  That  none  of  thefe  be  ad- 
mitted or  received  to  give  facisfa&ion ,  but  by  the  Generall  Af- 
fembly  or  their  Commifsioners. 

IV.  That  all  the  reft  of  thefe  who  have  been  guilty ,  or  cenfu- 
red as  aforefaid  ,  may  be  received  by  the  Presbyteries  where  they 

V.  That  all  who  have  been  guikyasaforfaid,  before  their  re- 
ceiving to  the  Covenant,  (hall  make  a  Solemn  publick  Acknow- 
ledgement in  fuch  matter ,  and  before  fuch  Congregations  as  the 
Commifsionof  the  Generall  Aflembly  or  Presbyteries  reftettive 
(hall  preicribe,  according  to  the  degree  of  their  offence  and  fcan- 
dall  given. 

VI.  That  none  of  the  forefaid  Perfons  be  admitted ,  or  recei- 
ved as  Elders  in  any  Judicatories  of  the  Kirk,  but  according  to  the 
Act  of  the  Generall  AfTembly  of  the  laft  of  Auguft\6tfi.  againft 
complyers  of  the  firft  Claffe. 

And  becaufc  many  have  heretofore  made  fliew  and  profeffion 
of  their  Repentance,  who  were  not  convinced  of  their  guiltineflc 
nor  humbled  for  the  fame,  but  did  thereafter  return  with  the  dog 


The  (jfenerall  AJfembly ,    \6  4. 9. 

to  the  vomit,and  with  the  fo  w  to  the  puddle ,  unto  the  mocking  of 
God,ind  the  exceeding  great  reproach  and  detriment  of  his  Caufe: 
Therefore,for  the  better  determining  theTruth  and  (incerity  ot  the 
Repentance  of  thofe  who  defire  to  be  admitted  to  the  Covenant 
and  Communion :  It  is  appointed  and  Ordained  that  none  of  thofe 
perions  who  are  debarred  from  the  Covenant  and  Communion 
(hall  be  admitted  and  received  thereto,  but  fueh  as  after  exact  trial], 
fhall  be  found  for  fomc  competent  time  before  or  after  the  offer  of 
theif  Repentance,  according  to  the  difcretion  of  the  refpe&ive  Ju* 
dicatorieSjto  have  in  their  ordinary  conventions  given  real  Tefti- 
mony  of  their  diflikeof  the  lateunlawfull  Engagement,  and  of  the 
courfes  and  wayes  ot  Malignants,  and  of  their  for  row  for  their  ac- 
ceffion  to  the  fame  -,  and  to  live  foberly,  righteouflyand  godlyj 
And  if  any  fhall  be  found,  who  after  the  defeating  of  the  Engagers 
have  uttered  any  Malignant  fpecches,  tending  to  the  approbation 
of  the  lateunlawfull  Engagement,  or  the  blood-  fhed  within  the 
Kingdome  for  promoving  of  the  ends  of  the  faid  Engagement  ,  or 
any  other  projects  or  pra&ifes  within  or  without  the  Kingdome 
prejudicial  to  Religion  and  the  Covenant,  or  tending  to  the  re. 
proach  of  the  Miniftry,  or  the  civill  Government  of  the  Kingdom, 
Or  who  have  unneceflarily  or  ordinarily  converfed  with  Malig- 
nant and  difaffeCtcd  perfons.  Or  who  have  had  hand  in,  or  accefu- 
on  to,  or  compliance  with,or  have  any  wayes  countenanced  or  pro- 
moved  any  Malignant  Defign,prejudiciall  to  Religion  and  the  Co- 
venant; Thai  thefe,notwithftanding  their  profeftlon  of  Repentance 
be  not  fuddenly  received,  but  a  competent  time ,  according  to  the 
difcretion  of  the  Judicatory,  beafligned  to  thcmfortryallofthe 
evidence  of  their  Repentanee3according  to  the  qualifications  above 
mentioned.  AndtheGenerall  Aflembly  Ordains  Presbyteries  to 
make  intimation  of  this  Act  in  the  feverall  Kirks  of  their  bounds  fo 
(bon  as  they  can ,  after  the  riling  of  the  Generall  Aflembly ,  thai 
none  pretend  ignorance ;  And  that  Presbyteries  make  accompt  of 
their  diligence  in  profecuting  of  this  Act  to  the  Quarterly  meetings 
of  the  Commiflion'of  this  Affembly. 

The  Declaration  and  i^dcknorvlcdgemtnt  before  mentioned. 

after  due  con fidcra- 
tion  of  the  late  Warre  againft  the  Kingdom  of 
England-,  And  having  alio  confidered  the  courfe 
purfued  and  promoted  by  the  Earle  of  Lanerk^ 
George  CMonro  and  their  Adherents  in  and  about 
Stirling ,and  by  others  in  the  late  Rebellion  in  the 
North ,  againft  all  which  not  only  eminent  Te- 
ftimonies  of  Gods  Wrath  have  been  given  in  defeating  of  them, 
but  they  wcrein  themfelves  finfull  breaches  of  Covenant,andpre- 
feningtheintereft  of  man  unto  God-,  I  doe  hereforein  Gods  fight 
profeiTe,that  I  am  convinced  of  the  unlawfulnefle  of  all  thefe  ways, 
as  contrary  to  the  Word  of  God,  and  to  the  Solemn  League  and 
Covenant,  not  only  in  regard  of  the  mifcarriages  of  thefe  that  were 


imployed  therein,  but  alfo  in  refped  o  f  the  nature  of  thefe  cour- 
ts thern  (elves  •,  And  therefore  protefling  my  unfained  forrow 
for  my  guiltinefle  by  my  accfteion  to  the  lame ,  doe  renounce  and 
declaim  the  forcfaid  Engagement  and  all  the  courfes  that  were  u(ed 
for  carrying  on  the  fame,  either  before  or  after  the  defeat  of  the  En- 
gagers, as  contrary  to  the  Word  of  GOD  and  Solemn  League 
and  Covenant,  and  definitive  to  Religion  and  the  work  of  Refor- 
mation^ And  I  doe  promile  in  the  power  of  the  Lords  ftrength,ne- 
ver  again  to  own  any  of  thefe  or  the  like  courfes  :  And  if  hereafter 
at  any  time,  I  (h  ill  be  found  to  promote  any  Malignant  Defign  or 
cour(c,that  I  (hil  juftly  be  accompted  a  perfidiousCovcnant  brea- 
ker and  defpifer  of  che  Oath  of  God,and  be  proceeded  againft  with 
the  higheft  Cenhires  of  the  Kirk :  Likeas,  I  doe  hereby  promife  to 
adhere  to  the  National  Covenant  of  this  Kingdome,and  to  the  So- 
lemn League  and  Covenant  betwixt  the  Kingdomes,and  to  be  ho- 
neft  and  zealous  tor  promoving  all  the  ends  thereof, is  I  fhall  be  cal- 
led thereunto  of  God,and  to  flee  all  occafions  and  temptations  that 
may  lead  me  into  any  the  like  fnarcsagainft  che  lame.  Subfcribed 
ac  the  day  of 

Iuly  24..  16^.9.  Tojimeridiem.  Seff.  XXIII. 

To  the  High  and  Honourable  Court  of 


The  Genet  all  K^ffemblj^  Humbly  Sheveeth, 

lHat  whereas  we  have  feen  and  confidered  the  Ad 
of  Parliament  abolifhing  Patronages  ,  and  doe 
highly  commend  the  piety  and  zeal  of  theEftates 
of  Parliament  in  promoving  fo  neceflary  a  point 
of  Reformation,The  Generall  Aflembly  do  hum- 
bly fupplicate,chat  betide  the  fetlingot  the  Mini- 
ftersftipends,that  theTythes  mentioned  in  the  faid  Ad,may  be  affe- 
cted with  the  burthen  of  pious  u(cs,within  tha  refpedive  Paroches, 
conl  orm  to  a  draught  of  an  Ad  feen  by  the  Commifsioners  of  the 
late  General  AlTembly  before  it  parted  in  Parliament-,  And  that  the 
forefaid  Ad  may  be  made  effeduall  for  the  idling  of  Miniftcrs  Sti- 
pends in  Kii  ks  ereded,  and  neceflary  to  be  ereded  according  to  the 
Tenour  of  the  A  d  of  Parliament ,  And  for  thiseffed,  that  your 
Lordlhips  will  haften  the  luting  of  the  Commifsion  for  Plantati- 
on of  Kirks ,  with  all  convenient  diligence }  and  your  Lordfhips 



6  I  pe  Lfenerau  /ijjembly, 164.9. 

ij.  July,  1649.  Antemeridiem   Scff.  27. 

oyf feafon  able  and nece/fary  Warning  and  Dec la^ 

rationjoncerning  T  re  fen  t  and  Imminent  dan* 

gerSy  and  concerning  duties  relating  thereto, 

from  the  Qeneral  Ajfembly  of  this  K^irJ^  unto 

all  the  tSAd embers  thereof. 

H  E  Lord  who  choofcs  Jerufalem  in  a  furnace  of 
Affliction,  hath  been  pleated  fince  the  beginning 
otthe  work  of  Reformation  in  this  Land,  to  ex- 
ercife  hisPeople  with  many  trialls-all  that  defied 
tokeepagoodcontcience,    were  not  long  agoe 
under  manyheavy  and  fad  preffures  from  the  info- 
lency  and  oppreffion  of  a  prevailing  party  of  dif-affe<5ted  andMalig- 
nant  men,who  under  a  pretext  of  bringing  the  King  to  a  condition 
of  HoROur,  Freedom  and  Safety, did  carry  on  an  unlawful  En- 
gagement againft  the  Kingdom  o{tngUnd:  and  if  the  Lord  had 
not  been  mercifull  unto  his  people,  they  were  like,  either  to  have 
been  banifhed  outol  the  Land,  or  to  have  been  kept  in  a  perpetual! 
bondage  in  their  conferences,  perfons  and  eftates:  But  he  whofe 
Meffehgers  thofe  men  had  mocked,  and  whbie  word  they  had  de- 
fpifed,  did  bring  them  down  fuddenly  in  a  day,  and  reftored  liber- 
ty and  peace  unto  his  people:  A  mercy  and  deliverance,  which  as  ic 
ought  to  be  rem  em  bred  with  thankfulneiTe  and  praife,  (o  may  ic 
engage  our  hearts  not  10  faint  in  troubles  and  ftraites  that  do  yet 
abide  us,  but  to  truft  in  the  name  of  the  Lord,  who  both  can  and 
Will  deliver  us  ftill  out  of  all  our  afflictions. 
Albeit,  wee  do  no W  enjoy  many  rich  and  precious  blcflingswher- 
in  wee  have  reafontobe  comforted,  and  torejoyce;  yet  it  were  to 
fhut  out  own  eyes  if  We  fhould  not  fee  our  f  elves  involved  in,  and 
threatned  with  many  and  great  dangers  at  Home  and  from  abroad. 
It  is  matter  of  exceeding  great  for  row  to  think  upon  the  ignorance 
ftnd  profanity,the  impehitencie  and  fecurity  that  abounds  ftill  in  the 
Land,  honvtthftanding  all  the  gracious  difpenfation  of  the  Gofpel, 
and  means  of  grace  in  fuch  purity  and  plenty,  that  none  of  the  Na- 
tions round  about  us  can  boaft  of  the  like  ,  and  of  all  the  long- 
fuffering  patience  of  the  Lord  ,  and  of  all  his  fliarp  rods  where- 
with he  hath  afflided  us  fron-\yearto  year,  and  of  all  the  mercies 
and  deliverances  wherewith  he  hath  vifited  us,  and  of  our  late  k>- 
iemn  confeflion  of  finnes^nd  engagement  unto  duties,  fealed  with 
the  renewing    of  the  Covenant  and  the  Oath  of  God-,  Which 
fomemen  have  fo  far  already  forgotten,as  to  return  with  the  dogge 


to  the  vomit,  and  with  the  fow  to  the  puddle :  And  many  fignes 
ofinconftancyand  levity  do  appear  among  all  forts  and  ranks  of 
perfons,  who  feem  to  want  nothing  but  a  futable  tencation  to  draw 
them  away  from  their  fteadfaftnefle-,  Our  Army  is  not  yetfuffici- 
encly  purged,  but  there  be  dill  in  it  Malignant  and  fcandalous  men, 
whole  fidelity  and  conftancy  ,  as  it  is  much  to  be  doubted ,  fois 
the  wrath  or  the  Lord  to  be  feared,  upon  their  proceedings  and 
undertakings,  without  a  f  peedy  and  effeduall  remedy. 

That  prevailing  party  of  Sectaries  in  EngUnd,  who  have  broken 
the  Covenant,  and  defpifed  the  Oath  of  God,  corrupted  the  truth, 
iubverted  the  fundamentall  Government  by  King  and  Parliament, 
and  taken  away  the  Kings  life,  look  upon  us  with  an  evilleye,as 
upon  the  fc  who  ftandinthe  way  of  their  monftruous  and  newfang- 
led devices  inReligion  and  Government,  And  though  there  were  no 
caufe  to  fear  any  thing  from  that  party  but  the  Gangrene  and  infec- 
tion of  thole  many  damnable  and  abominable  errours  which  hive 
taken  hold  on  them,yei  our  vicinity  unto.and  daily  commerce  with 
that  Nation,  may  juftly  make  us  afraid  that  the  Lord  may  give  up 
many  in  this  Land  unto  a  fpirit  of  delufionto  beleevelies,  becaufc 
they  have  not  received  the  love  of  the  truth. 

Neither  is  the  Malignant  party  f o  far  broken  and  brought  lo  w,as 
that  they  have  abandoned  all  hopes  of  carrying  on  their  former  den 
iigns  againfl:  the  Covenant  and  work  of  Reformation :  Betide  many 
ot  them  in  this  Kingdom,  who  are  as  Foxes  tied  in  chains,  keeping 
their  e vill  nature,and  waiting  an  oppertunity to  break  their  cords  ,and 
again  to  prey  upon  the  Lords  people  ;  there  be  (landing  Armies  in 
Ireland,  under  the  command  of  the  Marqueffe  of  Ormond,Xhe  Lord 
lncbquecnjht  Lord  otAirds,  and  George  Mvnro,  who  forgetting  all 
the  horrible  cruelty  that  was  exerciled  bythelrifh  Rebels,  upon 
many  thoufands  of  the  Englifh  and  Scottilh  Nations  in  that  land, 
have  entred  into  a  Peace  and  AiTociation  with  them,that  they  may 
the  more  eafily  carry  on  the  old  defignes  of  the  Popifh,  Prelaticall 
and  Malignant  party;  And  theLord  of  Airds, vnd  George  Monro,  have 
by  treachery  and  oppreflion  brought  the  Province  of  rlfter,  and 
Garrif ons  therein ,  under  their  power  and  Command,  and  have  re- 
dacted our  country-men  ,  and  luchas  adhere  unto  the  Covenant, 
and  caufe  of  God  in  that  Province,  unto  many  miferies  and  ftraits, 
and  are  like  to  banifh  the  Minifters  of  the  Gofpell ,  and  to  overturn 
thefe  faire  beginnings  of  the  work  of  God,  which  were  unco  ma- 
ny a  branch  of  hope,  that  the  Lord  meant  to  make  Ireland  a  plea- 
fan  t  land. 

But  which  is  more  grievous  unto  us  then  all  thefe,out  King,not- 
withftanding  of  theLords  hand  againfl:  hisFathers  oppoficionco  the 
woik  ot  God,  and  of  the  many  fad  and  dolefull  conlequences  chac 
followed  thereupon,  in  reference  to  Religion  and  his  Subjects,  and 
to  his  perfon,  and  Government,  doth  hearken  unto  the  councels  of 
thefc  who  were  Authors  of  ihefe  miferics  to  his  Royall  Father  and 

B  his 

his  Kingdoms  :By  which  it  hath  come  to  parte,  that  his  Majefty  hatk 
hitherto  refuted  to  grant  the  juft  and  neceflary  defires  of  this  Kirh 
and  Kingdom,  which  weretendred  unto  him  from  the  Commiffi- 
oners  of  both  for  fecuring  of  Religion,the  Liberties  of  the  Subject, 
his  Majefties  Government,  and  the  Peace  of  the  Kingdome5  And 
it  is  much  to  be  feared  that  thofe  wicked  Counfellours  may  fo  farre 
prevaile  upon  him  in  his  tender  yeers,  as  to  engage  him  in  awarre, 
for  overturning  (if  it  be  pofliblejof  the  work  of  God,  and  bearing 
down  all  thofe  in  the  three  Kingdoms  that  adhere  thereto:  Which 
ifheihall  doc,  cannot  but  bring  great  wrath  from  the  Lord  upon 
himfelfeand  his  Throne,  and  muft  be  the  caufe  of  many  new,  and 
great  miferies,  and  calamities  to  thefe  Lands. 

It  concerns  a  Nation  thus  (infull  and  loadenwith  iniquity, and 
involved  in  fo  many  difficulties  and  dangers,  by  timous  repentance 
and  unfained  humiliation  to  draw  near  to  Qod,  and  to  wraftle  with 
him  in  Prayer  and  Supplication,  that  our  fin  may  be  pardoned,  and 
Our  iniquity  done  away-,  and  that  he  would  eftablifh  the  Land  in  the 
love  of  the  truth,and  inable  every  on  in  their  ftation  to  do  their  duty 
boldly  and  without  feat,and  inahumbledependance  upontheLord, 
in.  whom  alone  is  the  falvation  of  his  people-,Every  man  ought  with 
all  faithfulnefie  and  diligence,  tomakeufe  of  all  thefe  means  that 
are  approven  and  allowed  of  God,  for  pteferving  and  carrying 
on  of  his  work,  and  for  fecuring  and  guarding  the  Land  againft  all 
enemies  whatfomever,  both  upon  the  right  hand  and  upon  the 

The  Spirit  of  errour  and  deluflon  in  our  Neighbour  Land,  in 
the  policic  of  Satan  hath  vailed  it  felf  in  many,  under  the  mask  of 
holinefle,and  is  in  the  righteous  and  wife  difpenfation  of  God,  ar- 
med with  power,  and  attended  with  fucceffe :  Therefore  all  the  In- 
habitants of  this  land  would  labour  for  more  knowledge,  and  more 
loveof  the  truth,withoutwhich  they  may  eafily  be  deceived,andled 
into  tentation,  and  would  learn  todiftinguifh  betwixt  the  fnew  and 
power  of  godlineffe.   We  know  that  there  be  many  InEngland  who 
be  truly  godly,  and  mourn  with  us  for  all  the  errours  and  abomina- 
tions that  arc  in  that  land-,  But  it  is  without  controverfie,  that  that 
Spirit  which  hath  acted  in  the  Courfes  and  Counfels  of  thefe,  who 
have  retarded  and  obftructed  the  work  of  God,  difpifed  the  Cove- 
nant, forced  theParliament,murthered  the  King,changed  the  civill 
Government,  and  eftalifhed  fo  vaft  a  Toleration  in  Religion,cannot 
be  the  Spirit  of  Righteoulnefle  and  HolinefTe,becaufe  it  teaches  noc 
men  to  live  godly  and  righteoufly,but  drawes  the  afide  into  errour, 
and  makes  them  to  bring  forth  th6  bitter  fruits  of  impiety  and  ini- 
quity ,and  therefore  ought  to  be  avoyded.  And  not  only  are  fuch  of 
our  Natioh  as  tiavaile  in  our  Neighbour-land,  to  take  heed  unto 
them  (el  ves,thar  they  receive  not  infection  from  fuch  as  are  leaven- 
ed with  Errour,  but  thele  alio  who  live  at  home,efpecially  in  thofe 


The  (jenerall  Affembly  ,16/^9.  9 

places  where  Sectaries,  upon  pretext  of  mcrchandife,  and  other  ci- 
vil! imployments,  ordinarily  traffique  and  converle.  Neither  needs 
any  man  to  be  afraid  of  the  power  and  fuccefle  of  that  party,  they 
who  have  gadded  about  lo  much  to  change  their  way,fhall  ere  long 
be  afhamed-jThe  lord  hath  rejected  their  confidences,and  they  fhall 
not  profper  in  them*,  How  farrethey  may  proceed  in  their  Resoluti- 
ons and  Actings  againft  this  Kingdome,  is  in  the  hand  of  the  raoft 
high-,  If  the  Lord  fhall  iuffer  that  party  to  invade  this  land,  it  may 
be  the  comfort  and  incouragement  of  all  the  Inhabitants  thereof 
that  not  only  hath  that  unlawfull  engagement  againft  the  Kingdom 
of  England  been  declared  againft,  and  condemned  both  by  Kirk 
and  '  tate-,  but  alfothat  thefemencan  pretend  no  quarrell  againft 
us,  unlefle  it  be,  that  we  have  adhered  unto  the  Solemn  League 
and  Covenant, from  which  they  have  fo  foully  revolted  and  back- 
fliddenj  and  that  we  have  borne  teftimony  againft  Toleiation,  and 
their  proceedings  in  reference  to  Religion  and  Government,  and 
the  taking  awayof  the  Kings  life:  And  therefore  we  truft  that  in  f  uch 
a  cafe  none  will  be  fofarre  deficient  in  their  duty  as  not  to  defend 
themfelves  againft  fuch  injuft  violence,&  in  the  ftrength  of  the  Lord 
to  adhere  unto  their  former  principles,  with  much  boldnes  01  f  pirit, 
and  willingnefte  of  heart- In  this  certainly  we  fhall  have  a  good  con- 
fcience  and  the  Lord  fhall  be  with  us. 

We  are  not  fo,  to  have  the  one  of  our  eyes  upon  the  Sectaries,  as 
not  to  hold  the  other  upon  the  Malignants,  they  being  an  enemy 
more  numerous,  and  nolcflcfubtileand  powerfull  nor  the  other, 
and  at  this  time  more  dangerous  unto  us,  not  onely  becaufe  expe- 
rience hath  proven  that  there  is  a  greater  aptitude  and  inclination  in 
ihefe  of  our  Land,to  compile  withMalignants  thenSectaries,in  that 
they  carry  on  their  wicked  defignes  under  a  pretext  of  being  for 
the  King  •,  But  al  f o  becaufe  there  be  many  of  them  in  our  own  bo- 
wels, and  for  that  they  doe  pretend  to  be  for  maintenance  of  the 
Kings  Perfon  and  Authority ,and  (which  is  the  matter  of  our  grife) 
becaule  the  King  ownes  their  principles  and  waves-,  which  if  it  be 
not  taken  heed  unto,  may  prove  a  great  fnare,  and  dangerous  ten- 
tation  to  many  to  fide  with  them  againft  the  Lords  people,  and  his 
caufe.  The  conftant  tenour  of  the  carriage  of  thefc  in  this  land,  who 
ftand  for  the  caufe  of  God,are  undeniable  arguments  of  their  affecti- 
on to  Monarchy ,and  to  that  Royal  Family  &  Line  wch  hath  f  wey- 
ed  the  Scepter  of  thisKingdom  for  many  hundreds  of  yeers  paft.  Al- 
beit his  Majeftie  who  lately  reigned,.refuied  to  harken  to  their  jud 
delires^  yet  did  they  with  much  patience  and  moderation  of  mind, 
Supplicate  and  folicite  hisMajeftyfor  fatiffaction  in  thefc  things  that 
concernReligion  and  theCovenant,and  were  dill  willing,that  upon 
fatiffaction  givcn,he  fhould  be  admitted  to  the  exercife  of  his  pow- 
er-, and  whatfotver  envie  and  malice  objects  to  the  contrary, were 
carefullto  get  aflurancc  concerning  the  fafety  of  his  Majefties  Pcr- 
fon,when  they  brought  theirArmy  out  oiEngUnd^  nd  when  not- 

B  2  withftanding 

io  7 he  {jenerall  /ijjembly^  104.9. 

withftanding  of  that  afliirance  ,  the  prevailing  party  of  Sectaries 
were  acting  tor  his  life,did  to  the  utmoft  of  their  powcr,endeavour 
by  their  Commiffioners  that  there  might  have  been  no  fuch  pro. 
ceeding  ;  And  when  their  defires  and  endeavours  were  not  fuccef- 
full,  did  proteftand  bear  teftimony  againft  the  fame.  And,  as  both 
Kirk  and  State  had  teftified  their  tender  refped  to  hisMajefty 
who  now  reigns  ,by  their  Letters  written  to  him  whilft  his  Father 
was  yet  living,  So  no  fooner  did  the  Parliament  heare  of  hisFathers 
death,  but  they  did  with  all  folemnity  proclaim  him  King  of  thefe 
KingJoms-,  And  after  they  had  acquainted  hisMajefty  by  MefTages 
with  thor  proceedings  herein,Commiflioners  were  lent  both  from 
State  and  Kirk  inftrutfed  with  power  and  Commiilion  toexpreffe 
the  affection  of  this  Kingdomc  to  Monarchy,  and  his  Majefties 
Perfon  andGovernment,together  with  their  defires;concerning  the 
fecurity  of  Religion,  and  the  Peace  of  thofe  King  doms.  And  albeit 
■s  the  defires  of  both  which  are  now  publiftied  to  the  world,  with  his 
Majefties  anfwers  thereto,  are  fuch  as  are  moft  juft  and  ;neceffary5 
yet  theCounfeis  of  the  malignant  party  had  fo  great  influence  upon 
hisMajefty,that  his  anlwers  are  not  only  not  fatisfft<5tory,but  fhort 
of  that  which  was  many  times  granted  by  his  Royall  Father,  and 
cannot  be  acquiefced  unto,  unlefle  we  would  abandon  the  League 
and  Covenant,  and  betray  Religion,  and  the  caufe  of  God. 

We  hold  it  the  duty  of  all  who  live  in  this  Land,to  vvreftle  with 
God  in  the  behalfe  of  the  King,that  he  may  be  recovered  out  of  the 
fnarcofevill  Counfell  ,and  brought  to  give  fatisf action,  to  the  pub- 
lick  defires  of  Kirk  and  State;  and  in  their  places  and  (rations  to  ufe 
all  endeavours  with  himfelfe  and  others  for  that  effetf:,  and  to  be 
williDg,uponfatistac'tion  given,  to  admit  him  to  the  exercife  of  his 
power,and  cheerfully  to  obeyhim  in  all  things  according  to  the  wil 
of  God,  and  the  Lawesof  the  Kingdom,and  to  do  every  thing  that 
tends  to  the  prefervation  of  his  Majefties  perfon,  and  juft  greatneffe 
and  Authority, in  the  defence  and  prefervation  of  the  true  Religion 
and  Liberties  of  the  Kingdomes. 

But  if  his  Majefty,or  any  having,or  pretending  power  and  Com- 
miflion  from  him,  fhall  invade  this  Kingdom,  upon  pretext  of  efta- 
bliftiing  him  in  the  exercife  of  his  Royall  power,  as  it  will  be  an 
high  provocation  againft  God  to  be  acceflbry  or  aflfifting  thereto,fo 
wil  it  be  a  neceflary  duty  to  refift  &  oppofe  the  fame.  We  know 
that  many  are  1  o  forgetful!  of  the  oath  of  God,  &  ignorant  &  care- 
lesofthe  intereft  orjefus  Chrift&  theGofpel,and  doe  fo  little 
tender  that  which  concerns  his  Kingdom  &  the  Privileges  thereof, 
and  do  io  much  dote  upon  abfolute  &  Arbitrary  Government  for 
gaining  their  own  ends,  &  fo  much  maligne  the  Inftruments  of  the 
work  of  Reformation,that  they  would  admit  his  Majefty  to  the  ex- 
ercife of  his  Royall  power  upon  any  termes  whatioever,  though 
with  never  fo  much  prejudice  to  Religion,and  theLiberties  of  thefe 
Kingdomes3and  would  think  it  quarreli  enough  to  make  War  upon 


allthofe  who  for  confcience  fake  cannot  condcfcend  thereto.  Bu* 
We  defire  ail  thele  who  fear  the  Lord,  and  mind  to  keep  their  Co- 
venant impartially  to  confider  thefe  things  which  followes. 

i  That  as  Magiftrates  and  their  power  is  ordained  ot  Goc,foarc 
they  in  the  exerciie  thereof,  not  to  walk  according  to  cheirowne 
will,  but  according  to  the  Law  of  equity  and  righteoufneile,  as  be-' 
ing  the  Minifters  of  G  O  D  for  the  fafety  of  his  People-,  Therefore 
a  boundles  and  illimttted  power  is  to  be  acknowledged  in  no  King 
nor  Magiftrate-,  Neither  is  Our  King  to  be  admitted  to  the  exerciie 
of  his  power  as  long  as  he  retufes  to  walk  in  the  Adminiftracion  of 
the  lame,  according  to  this  rule,  and  the  eftablifhed  Laws  ofthe 
Kingdom,  that  his  Subjects  may  live  under  him  a  quiet  and  peacea- 
ble lire  in~  all  Godlineffe  and  honeffie. 

i  There  is  ane  mutuall  Obligation  and  Stipulation  betwixt  the 
King  and  his  People-  As  both  of  them  are  tied  to  G  O  D,  fo  each 
of  them  are  tiedone  to  another  for  the  performance  of  mutuall  and 
reciprocal  duties:  According  to  this,It  is  Satute  and  Ordained  in  the 
8.  Act  of  the  i.  Parliament  of  King  James  the  6,  That  all  Kin^s, 
Princes  or  CMagiftraies  whatfoever,  balding  their  place,  which  here* 
after  (had  happen  in  any  time  to  Ratgn  and  beare  rule  over  this  Realm, 
at  the  time  of  their  Coronation  and  receipt  of  thetr  Princely  Au- 
thority ,  make  their  faithfall  promife  by  Oath  in  the  presence  of 
the  Eternall  GOD  that  during  the  tvholt  cottrft  of  their  lives, 
they  jhall  ferve  the  fame  Eternall  G  0  D  to  the  MmoH  of  their  pow- 
er 9  according  as  he  hath  required  in  his  most  Holy  Word  con- 
tained in  the  Old  and  New  Te(lamenty  And  according  to  the  fame 
Wordy  (hall  maintain  th-  true  Religion  of  Chrift  Jelus,  tie  Prea- 
ching of  His  mofl  Holy  Word ,  and  due  and  right  miniftration  of 
His  Sacraments  now  received  and  Preached  within  this  Realm,  And 
jhall  aholifh  and  gainfland  all  falfe  religion  contrary  to  the  fame, 
\yind  (hall  rule  the  people  committed  to  their  charge  according  to 
the  Will  and  Command  of  G  0  D  revealed  in  his  VVord^  and  ac- 
cording to  the  lovable  Lawes  and  Conflttutions  received within  this 
Realm ,  And  jhall  procure  to  the  utmoft  of  their  power  to  the  Kirk 
of  God  and  the  whole  Chriflian  People,  true  and  per  feci  peace  in  all 
time  commtn*.  And  that  Juflice  and  Equity  be  keepedto  all  creatures 
without  exception.  Which  Oath  was  iworn,  ftrftby  King  James 
the  6.  and  afterwards  by  King  Charles  at  his  Coronation,  and  is  in- 
fertedin  ourNattonallCovenant,which  was  approven  by  the  King, 
who  lately  Reigned:  As  long  therefore  ashisMajefty  who  now 
Reignes,  refutes  to  hearken  to  the  juft  and  ncceftary  defires  of  State 
and  Kirk,  propounded  to  his  Majefty  for  the  Security  ot  Religion, 
Bad  fafety  of  his  People ,  ane  to  engage  and  oblige  himlclf  for  the 
performance  of  his  Duty  to  his  People,It  is  confonant  to  Scripture 
tndrealonand  the  Laws  ol  the  Kingdom,  that  they  ftiouldretufe 
to  admit  him  to  the  exerciie  of  his  Gorernuient ,  untill  h«gife  la-. 

tisfact  ion  in  thefe  things. 


3  .IntheLeague  and  Covenant  which  hath  been  fo  folemfy  ftvorn 
and  renewed  by  thisKingdom,the  Dutieof  defending  &  preferring 
the  Kings  Majefties  Perion  and  Authority  is  joyned  with,  and  fub- 
ordinatunto  the  dutie  of  preferving  and  defending  the  true  Religi- 
on and  Liberties  of  the  Kingdoms:  And  therefore  his  Majeftie  flan- 
ging in  oppofition  to  the  juft  and  neceflary  publick  defiies  concerning 
Religion  and  Liberties,  ic  were  a  mani  eft  Breach  of  Covenant, 
and  a  preferring  of  the  Kings  inter^ft  to  the  intreft  of  JefusChri ft ,to 
bring  him  so.  the  exercife  of  his  Royal  power,  which  he,  walking  in 
a  contrary  way,  and  being  compafled  about  with  Malignant  coun- 
fels,  cannot  but  employ  unto  the  prejudice  and  ruin  of  both. 
-     4.  Was  not  an  Arbitrary  Gove nment  and  unlimited  power,the 
fountain  of  moftof  all  theCorruptionsboth  in  Kirk  andState?  And 
was  it  not  for  reftraint  of  this,and  for  their  own  juft  defence  againft 
Tyranny  and  injuft  violence,  which  ordinarily  is  the  fruit  and 
effect  of  fuch  a  power,that  the  Lords  People  did  joyn  in  Covenant, 
and  have  been  at  the  expenfe  of  fo  much  blood,  pains  and  trealure 
thefe  yeers  paft  i  And  if  his  Majeftie  fhoujd  be  admitted  to  the  exer- 
cife of  his  Government  before  fitisfaclion  given,  were  it  not  to  put 
in  his  hand  that  Arbitrary  Power,  which  we  have  upon  juft  an<J 
neceflary  grounds  been  fo  long  withstanding,  and  foco  abandon 
our  former  Principles,and  betrary  our  Caufef 

5.  The  King  being  averfe  from  the  Work  of  Reformation  and 
tbe  inftrumentsthereof,and  compafled  about  with  Malignant  &  dif- 
afFe&ed  men,  whom  he  hearkens  unto  as  his  moftfairhfull  Coun- 
iellers,  and  looks  upon  as  his  beft  and  moft  Loyall  Subjects  >We 
leave  it  to  all  indifferent  men  to  judge,  whether  his  Majeftie j  be- 
ing admitted  to  the  exercife  of  his  Power  before  fatisfa&ion  given, 
Vould  not  by  fuch  Counfells  endeavour  an  overturning  of  the 
things  which  GOD  hath  wrought  amor.gft  us,  and  labour  to 
drawpublick  adminiftrations  concerning  Religion  and  the  liber- 
ties of  the  Subject,  unto  that  courfe  and  channall  in  which  they 
tlid  run  under  Prelacie,  and  before  the  Work  of  Reformation: 
Which  we  have  the  more  caufe  to   fear,becaufe  his  Royall  Fa- 
ther did  fo  often  declare,  that  he  conceived  himfelf  bound  to  em- 
ploy all  the  power  that  GOD  fhould  put  in  his  hands  to  the  utmoft 
for  thefe  ends-,  and  that  he  adheres  as  yet  to  his  Fathers  Principles, 
and  walkes  in  his  way,and  hath  made  a  Peace  with  thelrijh Rebels, 
by  which  is  granted  unto  them  the  full  liberty  of  Popery. 

6.  It  is  no  ftrange  nor  new  thing  for  Kingdoms  to  prefeive  Re- 
ligion and  themfelves  from  ruine,  by  putting  reftraint  upon  the  ex- 
ercife of  the  power  and  Government  of  thofe  whohaveiefufedto 
grant  thofe  things  char  were  neceflary  for  the  good  of*  Religion, 
and  the  Peoples  fafety-,  There  have  bin  many  precedents  of  it  in  this 
and  other  nations  of  old,and  of  late,  upon  thefe  &  other  imporcant 
confiderations,  Itfhall  be  the  wifdom  of  every  one  who  dwell 
m  theLand,to  take  heed  of  fuch  a  temptation  and  f nare,thac  they  be 


%l  M  Lfenerau  /ijjemt>iyy  104.9.  13 

not  acceflbry  to  any  fuch  defigncs  or  endeavours,  as  they  would 
not  bring  upon  themfelves,  and  upon  their  families,  the  guilt  of  all 
the  detriment  that  will  undoubtedly  follow  thereupon  to  Religion 
andthe  Covenant,and  of  all  the  naileries  and  calamities  that  it  will 
bring  upon  his  Majefties  Perfon  and  throne,  and  upon  theie  King- 
doms,Such  a  thingwould  in  all  appearance  be  the  undermining  and 
lhaking,ir  not  the  oveithrowing  &  dcftroying  of  the  work  of  Refor- 
mation: And  therefore  whofoever  attempt  the  fame,  oppofe  them- 
felves to  the  Caufe  of  GOD,  and  will  at  laft  dafti  againft  the  Rock 
of  the  LORDS  Power,  which  hath  broken  in  pieces  many  high 
and  lofty  ones  iince  the  beginning  of  this  work  in  thefe  Kingdoms: 
And  it  is  unto  us  a  fureWord  of  Promife,Tnatwhofoever  mall  aflo- 
ciace  themfelves,  or  take  counfell  together,,  or  gird  themfelves  a- 
gainftGODand  His  Work,  (hall  be  broken  in  pieces. 

It  is  not  onely  joyning  in  Arms  with  the  Malignant  partie,  that 
all  thefe  who  would  keep  their  integritie  has  need  to  beware  of,  but 
alfo  fubtill  devices  and  defignes,that  are  promoted  by  fair  pretexts 
and  perfwafions  to  draw  men  to  difpente  at  leaft  with  (ome  part  of 
theie  neceflarie  defires,that  are  propounded  to  his  Majeftie  for  fe- 
curiog  of  Religion.  After  many  turnings  and  devifes  the  foundati- 
on of  the  unlawfull  Engagement  was  at  laft  laid  by  his  Majefties 
Conceflions  in  the  year  i  648.  Wherein  though  many  things 
feemed  to  be  granted,yet  that  was  denied^  without  which  Religion 
and  the  Vnion  betwixt  the  Kingdoms  could  not  have  been  fecured: 
AndiiisprobjUe,thacfucha  wayn^ay  be  aflayed  again,  andpro- 
fecuted  with  very  much  cunning  and  skill  to,deceive  and  infna  e  the 
iimple.  It  doth  therefore  concern  all  ranks  and  conditions  of  per- 
fons  to  be  the  more  warie  and  circumfped:,eipecially  in  that  which 
concerns  the  Nationall  Covenanted  the  Solemn  League  and  Co- 
venantors before  his  Majeftie  be  admired  totheexercile  of  his 
itoyall  Power,  that  by  andattour  the  Oath  of  Coronation,  he 
fhall  allure  and  declare  by  his  Solemn  Oat^i  under  his  hand  and  feal 
his  allowance  of  the  Nationall  Covenant,  and  of  the  Solemn 
League  and  Covenant,  and  obligation  to  profecute  the  ends  thereof 
in  his  Station  and  Calling,  and  that  he  fhall  for  himielf  and  his  fuc- 
ccflours,  confentand  agree  to  A&s  of  Parliament,  in  joyning  the 
Solemn  League  end  Covenant,  and  fully  Eftablimmg  Presbytcriall 
Government,  the  Directory  of  Worfhip,  the  Condition  of  Faith 
and  Catecbiime,asth£yareapproven  by  the  Generall  Ailembly 
ohhis  Kirk  and  Parliament  of  this  Kingdom,  in  all  his  Majefties 
Dominions,  anditbat  he  fhaljobferve  thefe  in  his  own.Pra&ife  and 
Ea*rilie,and  that  he  fhall  never  make  oppoficion  to  any  of  tbefe,  nor 
endeavour  any  change  thereof.  Albeit  the  League  and  Covenant 
be  delpilcd  by  that  prevailing  party  in  England^  and  the  Woikof 
Vniformity,  thorow  the  retardments  and  obftiu&ious  that  have 
come  in  the  way,  be  almoft  forgotten  l>y  ihefe  Kingdoms;  yet 
the  obligation  of  that  Covenant  is  perpetuall,  and  all  the  duties 


14.        The  (jeneratt  AJjembly,   \6\y. 

contained  therein  are  conftantly  to  be  minded,  and  profecutedby 
every  one  of  us  and  our  pofterity  ,  according  to  their  place  and 
(rations:  And  therefore  we  are  no  lefle  zealoufly  to  endeavour,  that 
hrs  Majeftie  may  Eftablifh,  and  {wear,  and  fubferibethe  fame,then 
if  it  were  unanimoufly  regarded  and  ftuck  unto  by  all  the  Kingdom 
of  Englmdt\ox  hisMajeftie  fwearingand  fubferibing  theLeagueand 
Covenant,  will  much  contribute  for  theSecuticyof  Religion,  his 
Majeftics  happinefle,  and  the  Peace  of  his  Kingdoms. 

As  it  is  incumbent  to  all,  who  live  in  this  Kirk  and  Kingdom  to  be 
watchful  and  circumfped,  fo  it  concerns  thefe  of  the  High  and  Ho- 
nourable Court  of  Parliament  &  theirCommittees,in  a  fpecial  way 
to  fee  to  their  duty,and  to  be  ftraight  &  refolute  in  the  per  ormance 
of  the  fame -Their  former  proceedings  is  unto  us  a  fufficient  evi- 
dence and  ground  of  hope,  that  they  will  not  be  wanting  in  any  ne- 
ceflary  tcftimony  of  dutieand  Loyalty  that  they  oweto  the  King,by 
ufing  all  iuft  and  feafonable  endeavoures  for  obtaining  fatisfa&ion  of 
his  Majeftic,thatfo  he  may  be  eftablifhed  upon  his  Thrones;And  wc 
truft,that  upon  the  other  band,the  fence  of  their  obligation  to  God, 
&  hisOath  that  is  upon  them,will  make  them  conftantly  to  adhere 
to  their  former  Principles  refolutions,  and  defires  concerning  Reli* 
gionand  the  Covenant,  that  reall  fatista<5tion  may  be  had  therea- 
nent,  before  the  King  be  put  in  the  exercife  of  his  power ;  And  thac 
they  will  carefully  provide  for  the  fatety  of  the  Kingdom,  both  in 
legard  of  inteftine  dangers,and  in  regard  of  invafion  from  without : 
It  is  not  long  11  nee  they, together  with  the  reft  ot  the  Land,made 
folemnPublickConteflion  ofCompliance  with  Malignants,  carnall 
confidence,  following  of  felfinterefts,and  hearkening  to  the  Coun- 
fells  o,  flefh  and  blood,  And  did  in  a  fpeciall  way  engage  them f el- 
ves to  comply,  and  feek  thtmfelves  and  their  own  things  no  more, 
to  abandon  the  counfels  of  their  own  hearts,  and  not  to  rely  upon 
the  Aim  of  flefh,  and  to  purge  Judicatories  and  Armies  from  Pro- 
fane and  fcandalous  pcrlons-,  And  God  forbid  that  they  fhculdfo 
foon  forget,  or  neglect  To  necefTary  duties,  and  fall  again  unto  fo 
great  and  grievous  tranfgreflions.  We  truft  that  they  will  feek  the 
things  oiCB  R  1ST,  and  not  their  own  things,that  they  will  hear- 
ken toHis Word, and  not  walk  in  the  imaginations  ot  their  own 
hearts, that  they  will  relic  upon  the  Arm  of  the  LORD, and  not  up- 
onthe  arm  of  flefh,that  they  will  bewary  and  circumfpec't  in  decern- 
ing the  difpofuions  and  affections  of  thofe  whom  they  put  in  truft, 
and  that,feeing  this  Kingdom  hath  fo  much  fmarted,  and  beenfo 
often  deceived  by  compliance  with  Malignants,  they  will  carefully 
avoid  this  fnare,inregardof  thofe  who  were  upon  the  former  unlaw- 
hill  Engagement,  and  be  tender  in  bringing  in  of  luch  •,  And  wee 
cannot  but  exhort  them  in  the  Name  of  the  L  O  R  D,  co  cake  no- 
tice of  the  Oppreflion  of  the  People^nd  Commons  in  the  Land,by 
the  UwlcHe  exactions  of  Land-  Lords,  Colle&oursand  Souldiers. 
\Ve  do  not  juftificihemurmuiings  andgrudgings  of  thofe,  who, 


preferring  the  things  of  the  world  to  the  Gofpel  and  things  of  Re- 
fits thrift,  repine  at  necefTary  burthens,  without  which  it  is  not 
poffi ble  that  cheLand  can  be  f ecured  from  in va 'ion  without  and  in- 
iurrection  within,  01  the  Caufe  and  People  of  GOD  be  defended 
from  enemies:  It  is  the  duty  of  every  one  who  hath  taken  the  Co- 
venant, willingly  and  with  a  cheerfull  minde  to beftow  their  means 
and  their  pains  as  they  fhall  be  called  thereunto,  in  an  orderly  way: 
Yet  fhould  theie  to  whom  God  hath  committed  the  Govern- 
ment ,  take  care  that  they  be  not  needleflely  burthened,  and  that 
none  grind  their  faces  by  oppreffion,  not  only  by  making  of  Lawes 
againft  the  fame,  but  by  fearching  out  of  the  caufe  of  the  poor,  and 
by  executing  thefe  Lawes  timoufly  upon  thefe  that  opprefle  them, 
that  they  may  find  real  redreffe  of  their  juft  grievances  and  com- 
plaints^  and  be  encouraged  to  bear  thofe  burthens  which  cannot 

As  the  Parliament  have  begun,  fo  we  hope  they  will  continue, 
to  purge  out  all  thefe  from  truft ,  that  are  not  of  known  integrity 
and  affection  to  the  caute  of  God  ,and  of  a  blamelefle  and  Chriftian 
converf  ation ,  and  that  they  and  the  Officers  of  the  Army  in  their 
refpective  places,  will  ferioufly  mind,  and  f peedily  and  refolutely 
goe  about  the  removing  from  the  Army  all  malignant  and  fcanda* 
lous  perfons,  and  alfo  the  removing  of  Sectaries  when  any  fhall  be 
found  therein,  that  they  may  give  real  evidence  that  they  did  not 
deal  deceitfully  with  God,  in  the  day  that  they  engaged  themfelves 

Albeit  wee  hope  and  pray  that  tbofe  who  beare  charge  in  our 
Army,will  from  the  remembrance  of  theLords  goodncffeco  them, 
and  the  honour  that  he  hath  put  upon  them,  endeavour  to  carry 
themfelves  faithfully,  and  ftraightly-  Yet  it  cannot  be  unfeafonable 
to  warn  them  to  take  heed  of  tentations,  &  to  beware  of  fnares  that 
they  be  not  drawn1  to  ind  iffercncie  or  neutrality  in  the  caufe  of  God, 
much  lefse  unto  connivance  at,or  compliance  with  the  courfes  and 
and  defignes  of  malignams  or  Sectaries,  but  to  {tick  clofcly  by  the 
fame ,  and  to  be  zealous  agirift  all  the  enemies  and  adverfaries 
thereof :  And  it  concerns  fouldiers  to  be  content  with  their  wages, 
and  to  doe  violence  to  no  man,  but  as  they  are  called  unto  the  de- 
fence of  the  caufe  and  people  ot  God,  fo  to  behave  themfelves 
infucha  blamletfe  and  Chriftian  way,  chat  their  cariage  may  be 
a  teftimony  to  his  caufe,  and  a  comfori  to  his  people^  So  fhall  our 
Armies  prof  per,  ind  the  Lord  fhall  goe  out  with  them. 

But  moft  of  all  it  concerns  the  Minifters  of  the  Gofpel  whom 
God  hath  called  to  give  warning  tohis  people  to  look  to  their  duty* 
It  is  Undeniably  true^that  many  of  the  evils  wherewith  this  Kirk 
and  Kingdome  hath  been  afflicted  in  our  age,  have  cometopafle 
becaufe  of  the  negligence  of  f  ome,  and  corruptions  of  others  of  the 
Miniftry*,  Whileft  fome  fellafleep,  and  were  carelelTe,  and  others 
were  covetous  and  ambitious,  the  evil  rflart  brought  in  Prelacy .  and 

C         .  the 

*he  Ceremonies ,  and  had  farre  promoted  the  Service  Book, and 
the  Book  of  Cannon-,  andchs  courfc  of  backfliding  and  revolting 
was  carried  on,  untill  it  pleafed  God  to  ftirre  up  the  fpirits  of  chefc 
few,  who  ftood  in  the  gap  to  oppofe  and  refill  the  fame,  and 
lo  begin  the  work  of  Reformation  in  the  Land,  Since  which  time; 
the  iilence  oMome  Minifters,and  compliance  of  others,  hath  had 
great  influence  upon  the  backfliding  of  many  amongft  the  people, 
who  upon  thediicovery  of  theevill  of  their  way,  complain  that 
they  got  not  warning ,  or  that  if  they  were  warned  by  fome,  o- 
thers  held  their  Peace,  or  did  juftifie  them  in  the  courfe  of  their 
backfliding:  We  can  look  upon  fuch  Minifters  nootherwife  then 
upon  thofcthat  are  guilty  of  the  bloodor  theLords  people^and  with 
whom  the  Lord  will  reckon  for  all  the  breach  of  Covcnant,and 
defection  that  hath  been  in  theLand.ThePriefts  lips  mould  preferve 
knowledge,  and  they  mould  feekthelaw  at  his  mouth,  tor  he  is 
the  mefsenger  of  the  Lord  of  Hofts;But  fuch  are  departed  out  of  the 
way,  and  hath  caufed  many  to  ftumble  at  the  Law,  therefore  hath 
the  Lord  made  them  contemtible  and  bafe  before  all  the  people, 
according  as  they  have  not  kept  his  wayesj  but  have  been  partial! 
in  his  law-,  Becaule  they  have  loft  their  favour,  he  hathcaft  out 
many  of  them  as  unfavoury  fait:  But  fuch  as  have  been  faithfull,as 
he  hath  preferved  them  from  the  violence  &  fury  of  men,fo  hath  he 
verified  his  word  in  their  mouths,both  againft  his  enem  ies,&  con- 
cerning his  people  &  his  work,  And  makes  them  fee,  though  not  all 
their  defires  concerning  theGofpel,  &  the  work  of  God  in  theland, 
yet  very  much  of  the  fruit  of  their  labour,by  preferving  the  doclrine 
and  all  the  ordinances  of  Jef us  Chrift  in  their  purity,  and  adding  in 
fome  meafure  thereto  the  power  and  life  thereof.  We  doe  therefore 
chargealltheMiniftersottheland,  before  God  and  the  Lord  Jc- 
fus  Chrift,  who  (hall  judge  the  quick  and  the  dead  at  his  appearing 
in  his  Kingdom,  as  in  every  thing  to  be  enfamples  ofagoodcon- 
verfation,  and  to  walk  without  offence,  that  theminiftry  be  not 
blamed-,  So  to  take  heed  unto  the  flock  over  which  the  Holy  Ghoft 
hath  made  them  overleers ,  to  declare  unto  them  all  the  Counfell 
of  God,  arid  to  give  them  timous  warning  concerning  every  danger 
and  duty,  and  to  hold  forth  unto  them  the  f  olid  grounds  ofreall 
confolation,  by  which  they  may  be  encouraged  and  comforted 
in  all  their  trials  and  afflictions-,  that  they  may  be  free  of  the  blood 
of  all  men,  and  have  this  as  a  ground  of  rejoycing,  even  thetefti- 
mony  of  their  confeiences,  that  in  fimplicity  and  godly  purenefle, 
not  with  flefhly  wifdome,  but  by  the  grace  of  God  they  have  had 
their  converiation  in  the  world,  ind  have  exhorted  and  comforted 
and  chargedevery  one  committed  unto  them  as  aFather  doth  hischil- 
dren.Ef pecially,Minifters  are  to  be  careful  to  be  much  indifcovering 
the  temptations,and  prefHngehe  duties  of  the  times,  that  thefe  who 
are  under  their  charge  may  know  what  to  avoid , and  what  to  embra- 
ce &  purl  ue:  If  all  the  Watchmen  in  thcLand  mall  give  warning,& 


7  he  Ljenerall  Ajjembly>  104.9.  17 

blow  the  Trumpet  at  once,  it  (hall  not  be  eafie  for  enemies  to  prey 
upon  the  people  of  God.  Wee  know  no  caufe  why  any  whom  God 
hath  called  to  preach  theGofpel,  mould  be  afraid  to  fpeak  boldly 
in  the  Nameof  the  Lord-,  fince  God  hath  given  fo  manifeft  a  tefti- 
mony  of  his  care  and  protection,  in  preferving  them,  thefc  yeers 
pair,  who  have  ftriven  to  be  faithfull  to  him  who  hath  called  them, 
from  all  the  fury  and  malice  of  haters  of  the  work  orGod  and  of  the 
Kingdom  of  hisSonneJefusChrift,who  hath  promifed  to  be  with 
his  Ter vanes  unto  the  end  of  the  world. 

Albeit  the  Land  be  involved  in  many  difficulties,  and  compafled 
about  with  great  and  iminent  dangers,  yet  there  is  hope  and  ground 
'ofconiolation  concerning  this  thing.  The  Lord  is  in  the  midftof 
us,  and  we  are  called  by  his  name,  our  eares  hear  the  joyfull  found 
ofthe  Gofpel,  and  our  eyes  fee  our  Teachers;  We  behold  the  arm 
of  the  Lord  ftretched  out  daily  in    working   falvation  for  his 
people,  and  an fwe ring  their  defi res  upon  their  enemies  by  terrible 
things  in  righteoufnefle;  Although  we  be  but  few  in  number,  yet 
the  Lord  of  Hofts  is  with  us,  and  in  the  power  of  his  ftrength,  we 
fhillbe  able  to  prevailed  Although  our  land  be  filled  with  fin,  yet 
*wehave  not  beenforfaken  of  the  Lord  our  God,  but  he  hath  al- 
■wayes  had  companion  upon  us,and  delivered  us  in  all  our  diftrefTes; 
Although  fome  of  underftanding  fall,  it  is  but  to  try,  and  to  purge 
and  to  make  white  even  to  the  end,  becaufeitis  yet  for  a  time  ap- 
pointed^ Although  many  cleave  to  us  by  flatteries,yet  there  be  a  rem 
nant  who  keep  their  integrity,and  the  Lord  (ball  doe  good  to  thefe 
that  be  good,  but  fuch  as  turn  afide  to  crooked  wayes,  (hall  be  led 
forth  with  the  workers  of  iniquity. 

TheLords  people  in  England  and  Ireland^vrho  adhere  to  the  caule 
and  Covenant,  may  be  perplexed,but  (hall  not  defpair-,  they  may  be 
perfecuted,but  dial  not  be  foriaken-,they  may  be  caft  down,buc  fnall 
not  be  deftroyed:  And  although  uniformity,  and  the  work  of  Re- 
formation in  thefe  lands,  feem  not  only  to  be  retarded,  but  almofl 
pluckt  up  by  the  roots,and  the  foundations  thereof  razed;  Yetthe  feed 
wch  the  Lord  hath  fowen  there,(hall  again  take  root  down  ward,and 
bear  fruit  upward-,The  zeal  of  theLord  of  Hofts  (hall  performe  this. 

—— . 

30.  fitly  \6\y.  Antemeridiem  Self.  jo. 
AB concerning  Catecbijing. 

I  He  Generall  Aitembly  taking  to  their  ferious  Confi- 
deration  the  great  darkneffe  and  Ignorance,  where- 
in a  great  part  of  this  Kingdom  iyech,  together  with 
the  late  Solemn  Engagement,^  ufe  all  means  for  reme- 
dy thereof,doc  ordaine  every Minifter  with  adi fiance  of 
theElders  of  their  kverallfvirk  ieffionstocakc  coucie,thac  in  every 

C  2  hoafc 

i8        The  (jenerau  Ajjembly,   164.9. 

houfe  where  there  is  any  who  can  read,  there  be  at  leaft  one  Copie 
of  the  Shorter  and  Larger  Catechifme,  Confeffion  of  Faith  and 
Diredtoriefor  Familie-worfhip.Anddoe  renew  the  A&  of  the  AC- 
temblkAugHft  30.163p.for  a  day  of  weeklieCatecht(ing,to  be  con- 
ftantly  oblerved  in  every  Kirk,  And  that  every  Minifter  fo  Order 
their  Gatethetiek  Queftions,  as  thereby  the  People,  (who  doe not 
conveen  all  at  one  time  but  by  turns  untothat  exercife)may  at  every 
dyet  have  the  chief  heads  of  laving  knowledge  in  a  fhort  view  pre- 
sented unto  them  ,  And  the  A  flembly  confidering  that  notwith- 
standing of  their  former  A<5t,  thefe  dyets  of  weekly  Catechifing 
tre  much  flighted  and  negle&ed  by  many  Miniftcrs  throughout  this 
Kingdome,Doe  therefore  Appoint  andOrdaine  every  Preibytery,to 
lake  triall  of  all  the  minifters  within  their  bounds  once  at  lead  in  ttre 
Jialfe  year,  whither  they  be  caref  ull  to  keep  weekly  dyets  of  Cate- 
chiitng :  And  if  they  (hall  finde  any  of  their  number  negligent  here- 
in" they  fhall  admonifh  for  the  firft  fault,and  if  after  fuch  admonition 
they  fhall  not  amend,  The  Prefbyterie  for  the  fecond  fault  fhall  re- 
buke them  fharply,  and  if  after  fuch  rebuke  they  doe  not  yet  amend, 
they  fhall  be  fulpended. 

■  • 

4  Aug.  164.9.  Antemeridiem  Scff.  4.0. 
Commijfwnfor  Tublick^  Affaires. 

He  General  Affemblie  Confidering  how  necefTary 
it  is  for  prefervation  of  Religion  in  this  Kingdom, 
and  profecution  of  the  work  of  uniformity  in  all 
hisMajefties  dominions,  That  the  Commiflions 
formerly  granted  to  that  effect  be  renewed:  There- 
fore they  doe  nenew  thepower  and  Commiflion 
granted  for  the  Publick  affairs  of  theKirk  by  theGenerall  Aflembhes 
held  at  Saint  Amir  os  1642.  and  at  Edinburgh ,  16435   1644,  1647, 
1646, 1647  and  ^48,  UBto  tne  Perfons  following  viz.  Maiiers 
Alex.Rolloc^fohn  Murray, Thomas  Lundiejfohn  Freebairne3Geo:  Mur- 
ray, Bar  ie  LivingflonJYilliam  Adacjore,  HevoHenderfon  Samuel  Aujtiney 
Gavin  Young,  David  Laing,  William  Maxwell tfobnMaccleland,  Raines 
Erving,RobertFergn{onffihnScot^  Thomas  Wylie,HewEcclcsjfohn  Sell 
John  Nevoy,  william  gutberietIohn  Hammiltoun,  Hew  Peebles \<wi lex  :. 
Dunlope,  Harie  Semflc,  David Dick [on,  Pat:  Gillefpie,  fames  Durham, 
RobertBaillie,WilliamHammiltoun,Francis  Air d, lames  Nafmitb}Richard 
Inglisy  mUiam  Summervail^  Evan  Cameron,  Robert  Blair ,   Samuel 
Rutherfoord,  lames  wood,  lohn  MacgiU  Elder,  Alex.  Balfoure,  WiUHm 
Row  John  Moncreife^Fredrick  Carmkhaell,Hcrie  rpilkejwilliamolipbant 
Ctorge  Pitillojohn  Robefonjames  Thomfone, William  Rate,Da:Campbell, 
K^indro  Cant,  tfo:  Menkes  Andro  Abercromby , Robert  Sheyn^Wtlliam 
Forbes,  lohn  Paterfon,  Duncan  Forks,  william  Chalmers*  lohn  Annand, 


falconer, Murdoch  Mackenzie, Robert  fame  fen, Gilbert  MarJheU,Jo:  Ttal- 
lafe/vil.  Smyth, Robert  Hume,  Tho,  Suintoun,  lames  stratoun,fo:Dou- 
glafs,  lames  Gutherie,Tho.X)onaldfon,  Will.Iamefon  Iohn  Livingjtoun, 
John  Scot,  Andro  Vunke\on,Iohn  Dal\ell,Arthur  Forbes, lames  Fleming 
James  RobifonJiew  Campbe I ,Robert  Douglafe,Mungo  Law, George  Lc- 
jliejfobn  Adam{onffames  Hammiltoun,Iohn  Smyth,  HewMackell,  Geo: 
Hutchtfon,  Patrick  Fleming,  fohn  Hay,  Ephraim  Mehill,  fohn  Rmy 
Gilbert  Hall, George  Rennet,  Kenneth  Logic, Iohn  Crafurd  Minifters. 
Archbald  Marqueffe  of  Argyle,         E. of  Sutherland,  Alex.  E.of  Eglin- 
toun,  Iohn  E.ofCaf sills,  will.  E.ofLotbianjheVikouni  ofArbuthnet, 
J)a:L  Tlcho  Lo. Brichen,Rob:Lo.Burly, lames Lo:Couper, Sir 

Archbald  Johnfloun  or  wariHoun  ClerkRegifter  ,Sir  Daniel  Carmkha- 
el  Theiaurer  Depute,  Sir  John  Hope  of  Craighall,  CMr  george  Win- 
raham  oi  Libber  toun, Mr. Alex :•  Per fon  of  Southhal,A.Brodieoi  that  ilk, 
four  of  the  ordinary  Lords  of  the  Sctsion,  Arthur  Er/kenofScotf- 
fr4£*,Laird  oiWauchtoun,  Sir  D avid Hume  of  wedderburne,  Laird  of 
Ed&ell,Liird  of  Nidrie,Sir  William  Scot  of  Harden,  Laird  of  Green- 
beid,  Laird  oiFrceland,  Laird  of  Ctfnock,  Sr.  lames  Stewart  of  Kirk? 
field,  the  Laird  of  Suintoun  younger,Laird  of  Sight ,Sir  lames  Frafer, 
Sir  Thomas  ^r,Laird  of  Fernie,Sir  Rob.  ^*/*/>,Sheriff  of  Tivtotdail 
younger, Tutor  of  Pitfligo,Six  Iohn  CbieJly,Lurd  ot  EnglsJtoun,La.iid 
of  L  eflie  younger,  La  lotDmtbeth,  La.  of  watertoun ,  Sir/0:  Smyth, 
Mr.  Alex:  Colvtll  of  Blair,  Whitbankjy  our\%ex, La:  of  Grenock, Gallon 
fbiels  younger,  Buchchnmic,  Cracblaw,  Cloberhtl,Dalferfe,Mr.  Robert 
Burnet  younger,  Mr. Tho.  Murray,  lames  Eleis,David Kennedie^ilex. 
Jaffr ay  James  Sword,George  Porterfeild,Mr.Rob:Barclay,Hew  Kennedey 
mil.  Glendoning,Thomas  Macbtrnie ,Rob.  Lockart, Mr. lames  Camphel, 
John  CarJane,Iokn  BoJwel,D.AUx.  DouglafJe,Mr.Alex.Skfen,  William 
Broun  Elders,  Giving  unto  them  full  Power  and  Commiflion  to 
do  all  and  every  thing  for  prelervation  of  the  Eftablifhed  Do&rine, 
Difcipline,  Worfhip  and  Government  in  this  Kirk,  againft  all  who 
(hall  endeavour  to  introduce  any  thing  contrarie  thereunto-,  And  for 
profecuting,  advancing,  perfecting  and  bringing  the  works  of  uni- 
formitie  in  Religion  in  all  his  Majcfties  dominions  to  a  happy con- 
cision conform  to  the  former  Commiflions  granted  by  preceding 
Aflemblios  thereanent. 

And  to  that  effect  appoints  them  or  any  nineteen  of  them  where- 
of 1 3 .  (hall  be  Minifters,  to  meet  in  this  Citie  to  morrow  the  7.  of 
this  inftant,and  thereafter  upon  the  fecond  Wednefday  of  Novemb. 
February  and  cMaj  next,  and  upon  any  other  day , and  in  any  other 
place  thev  mail  think  fit: Giving  alio  unto.them  full  power,to  fend 
Commimoners  to  the  Kingdom  of  England,  for  profecuting  the 
Treatte  of  Uniformitie  as  they  mail  find  convenience,  and  to  give 
inftru&ions  and  Commiflions  to  that  effect  conform  to  former 
Commitftonesgrantedthereanent:  And  Like  wife  in  cafe  delinquents 
have  no  conftant  refidence  in  any  onePref byterie,or  if  Presbyteries 
be  negligent  or  overawed, in  thefc  cafes  The  Ailcmbly  gives  to  the 


zo         Ihe  Qenerati  JJfembly,   i6^g. 

perfons  before  named  power  of  cenfuringCompliers  &  perfons  dif  „' 
affe<5tedto  theCovenant5accordingto  the  A&sof  the  Aflfcmbly  de- 
claring alwayes  and  providing,that  Minifters  (hall  not  be  Depofed, 
but  in  one  of  the  quarterlie  meetings  of  this  Com  million-,  And  fur- 
ther authorizes  them  as  formerlie,with  full  power  to  make  Suppli- 
cations,Remonftrances,Declarations  and  Warnings, to  Indi&  Fafts 
and  Tfiankfgivings  as  there  fhalbecaufe,  toproteft  againftallen- 
crochments  upon  theLiberties  of  theKirk,and  toCenfure  all  fuch  as 
Interrupt  this  Commiflion  or  any  other  Church  Judicatorie,  or  the 
execution  of  their  Cenfures,  or  of  any  other  fentences  or  A&s  Iff u- 
ingfrom  them5  And  with  full  power  to  them  to  Treat  and  Deter- 
mine in  the  Matters  referred  unto  them  by  this  Aflemblie,  as  t ullie 
and  freelie  asifthe  fame  were  here  fully  exprefled,and  with  as  ample 
power  as  anie  Commiflion  of  anie  former  Generall  Aflemblies 
hath  had  or  been  in  ufe  of  before:  Declaring  alio  that  all  oppofers 
of  the  Authoritie  of  this  Commiffion  in  matters  intruded  to  them, 
ihall  be  holden  as  oppofers  of  the  Authoritie  of  the  General  Aflem- 
blie, and  this  Commiflion  in  their  whole  Proceedings  are  Com- 
ptable  to,and  Cenfurable  by  the  next  General  Aflemblie. 

— ■- L ! fee 

<DireBorie  for  EleBion  of  Minifters. 


i  Hen  any  Place  of  theMiniftrie  in  aCongregation  is 
vacant,  it  is  Incumbent  to  the  Pre!  by  eerie  with  all 
diligence  to  fend  one  of  their  number  to  Preach 
to  that  Congregation,  who  in  his  doctrine  is  to 
reprefent  to  them  therneceflitie  of  providing  the 
place  with  a  qualified  paftor,  &  to  exhort  them  to 
fervent  prayer  &  1  upplication  to  the  Lord  that  he  would  fend  them 
aPaftor  according  to  his  own  heart:  As  alfo  he  is  to  fignifie  that  the 
Presbyterie  out  of  their  care  of  that  Flock  will  fend  unto  them 
Preachers,whom  they  may  hcar,&  if  they  have  a  defire  to  hear  any 
other,  they  will  endeavour  to  procure  them  an  hearing  of  that  per-- 
fon  or  perlones  upon  the  f  ute  of  the  Elders  to  the  Prefbyterie. 

2  Within  fome  competent  time  thereafter,  the  Prefbyterie  is  a- 
gain  to  fend  one  or  more  of  their  number  to  the  faid  vacant  Congre- 
gation, on  a  certain  day  appoynted  before  for  that  effect,  who  are 
to  conveen  and  hear  fermon  the  f orefaid  day-,  which  being  ended, 
and  Intimation  being  made  bytheMinifler,thac  they  are  to  goe  about 
the  Election  of  a  paftor  for  that  Congregation,  the  Seflion  of  the 
Congregation  fhall  meet  and  proceed  to  the  Election ,  the  action 
being  moderatedby  him  that  Preached;  And  ifthe  people  fhall 
upon  the  intimation  of  the  Perfon  agreed  upon  by  the  Seifion  ac- 
quiefceand  content  to  the  faid  perfon,Then  the  matter  being  rcpor- 
ced  to  the  Prefbyterie  by  Commifsioners  fent  from  the  fefuon,they 
are  to  proceed  to  the  triall  of  the  perfon  thus  Elected,  And  finding 


The  (jcnerallAIJembly,  Kfy.9.  zi 

him  qualified)  to  admit  him  coche  Miniftry  mthe  faid  Congre- 

3  But  if  it  happen  that  the  Major  pirt  of  the  Congregation  dif- 
fenthom  the  perfon  agreed  upon  by  the  Seflion,  In  thatcafethe 
matter  fh:ill  be  brought  unto  the  Prefbyterie,  who  fhall  Judge  of 
the  fame-,  And  if  they  doe  not  find  their  Diffent  to  be  grounded  on 
CauflclTc  prejudices,  they  are  to  appoynt  a  new  Election  in  manner 
abovefpecified.  ; 

4  But  i;  a  lefler  partf  of  the  Seflion  or  Congregation  fhew  their 
diffent  from  the  Election  without  exceptions  relevant  and  verefied 
to  the  Prefbyterie,  Notwithftanding  thereof  the  Prefbyterie  fhall 
go  on  to  thetrials  and  ordination  of  theperfon  elected-,  yet  all  pof- 
fible  diligence  and  tendernefle  muft  be  ufed  to  bring  all  parlies  to 
an  hamonious  agreement. 

5  It  is  to  be  underftood  that  no  perfon  under  the  Cenfure  of  the 
Kirk  bcciufe  of  any  frandalous  offence  is  to  be  admitted  to  have 
hand  in  the  election  of  a  Minifter. 

6  Where  the  Congregation  is  disaffected  and  Malignant, in  thai 
cafe  the  Presbyterie  is  to  provide  them  with  a  Minifter. 

6.  Jug.  \6ty.  JntemeridiemScff.  ult. 

J  Brotherly  Exhortation  from  theCjeneral  Ajfem« 
hly  of  the  Church  o/Scotland,^  their 'Brethren 
in  England. 

)He  many  and  great  obligations  which  lie  upon  us 
in  reference  to  ourBrethren  in  Engid*d,viho  hold 
fall  their  integrity ,and  adhere  to  theSolemn  Lea- 
gue afld  Covenant, together  with  the  defire  which 
we  have  to  teftific  our  Sympathie  with  them  in 
their  afflictions,and  toprelei ve  fo  far  as  in  us  lieth 
that  fellowfhip  and  correfpondence  that  hath  been  entertained  be- 
twixt the  Church  of  Sett  land  and  EngUndthcie  years  paft,  do  call 
upon  us  and  conftrain  u«  not  to  be  filent  in  this  day  of  their  trouble 
and  diftrefs. 

Albeit  the  Lord  (who  hath  his  fire  in  Zton,  and  his  furnace  in 
$cru[Alcm)  hath  now  tor  a  long  time  paft,  afflicted  thefe  Kingdoms 
with  many  and  fharp  rods,  and  that  his  wrath  feems  not  yet  to  be 
turned  away,  but  his  hand  ftretched  out  (till-,  yet  in  all  this,  it  be- 
comes us  who  live  in  thefe  Lands  to  flop  our  mouthes,  neither  can 
any  impute  iniquity  to  the  molt  High. 

It  is  rather  a  wonder, that  any  mercy  mould  be  continued,  and 
that  EngUndmd  Scotland  we  not  cut  oft  from  being  Nations, (ecing 
the  back-  flidingsand  provocations  of  both  has  been  fo  many  and  fo 


xl       The  CjeneraU  Ajjernbly,   1649. 

grofTe-,  Although  the  Solemn  League  and  Covenant  was  (worn e 
and  fubferibed  by  both,  yet  have  many  in  both  defpifed  the  Oath 
of  GO  D,  as  appears  by  the  late  unlawfull  Engagement  againft 
the  Kingdom  o{  England,  contrived  and  carried  on  by  a  prevailing 
party  of  Malignants  in  this  Land,  and  by  the  proceedings  of  the 
Sectaries  in  England,  in  reference  to  Religion  and  Government. 

We  mall  not  infift  upon  what  hath  been  the  condition  and  car- 
riage of  the  Lords  People  in  this  Land  in  reference  to  the  late  un- 
lawfull Engagement:  As  we  defire  to  magnifie  the  power  and  lovc- 
ingkindenciTeof  the  Lord,  who  enabled  alWie  Judicatures  of  this 
Church,  and  a  confiderable  part  of  the  Parliament,  and  the  body 
of  the  Land,  to  difsent  from,  and  bear  Teftimony  againft  the  fame, 
which  made  the  Houfe  of  Commons  in  their  Letter  directed  to 
the  laft  General  AfTembly  or  their  Commiflioners,  to  declare,  that 
that  Engagement  could  not  be  looked  on  as  a  Naticnall  breach  5 
So  welook  upon  it  as  a  wonder  of  his  Wifdom  and  Mercy,  that  he 
hath  dispofed  and  directed  the  fame  for  the  furtherance  of  hisWork 
in  our  hand,  and  purging  his  Houfe  amongft  us.  All  this  cometh 
forth  from  theLord  of  Hofrs,who  is  wonderful  inCounief  and  Ex- 
cellent in  Working.  Neither  was  it  the  leaft  part  of  the  lords  good- 
nefie  to  us,  in  that  day  of  our  ftrait  that  we  were  led  in  a  plain  path, 
and  kept  from  complya^ce  with  Sectaries  on  the  one  hand,  no  lels 
then  with  Maligrtanas  on  the-  Other.  We"  have  obtained  this  mercy 
to  be  fteadfaft  to  our  ok[  principles,  in  bearing  free  and  faiihmll 
Teftimony  againft  their  *  proceedings^  both  in  reference  to  Tolera- 
tion and  Government,  and  thetaking'aWay  of  che  Kings  life. 

"And  asthe  danger  and  judgement  which  threatens  the  Authois 
and  Abettors  of  thefe  things,  doth  affect  our  Spirits  with  horrour, 
andmaketh  us  defire  that  it  .may  be  given  to  them  of  God  to  re- 
pent :  So  we  fhould  conceive  ojur  felves  void  of  Chriftian  affection 
and  cpmpaflion  toward  thofe  in  England, who  f  uffer  for  the  truthand 
Caufe  of  God;if  We  were  not  very  fenfTble  of  all  their  prefent  trou- 
bles and  is  no  fmall  grief  to  us,thattheGofpel  &  Go- 
vernment oi$efusChrijt  are  fo  defpifed  inhibit  Land  thatfaithfull 
Preachers  are  persecuted  and  cryeddown,  that  Toleration  jisefla- - 
blimed  by  pretext  of  Law ,  and  maintained  by  Military  power, 
and  that  the  Covenant  is  aboliftied  and  buried  in  oblivion.  All 
which  proceedings, cannot  but  be  looked  upon  as  directly  contrary 
to  the  Oath  of  God  lying  upon  us,  and  therefore  cannot  efchew 
his  Wrath  when  jie  fhallcome  in  Judgement,^*  be. a  ftoift  witnejje 
againft  thoje  that  (wear  faljly  by  h'u Name. 

Thefe  things  are  the  more  grievous  to  us,  becaufe.r(hefide  many 
other  wofull  evils  brought  forth  by  them)  they  have  interrupted  the 
building  of  the  Lords  Houfe  in  England  %  the  foundation  whereof 
was  laid  by  Oath  and  Covenant  with  the  molt  High  God,  and  fol- 
lowed'for  fome  years  with  many  Declarations  and  Proteftationsof 
Faithfull  adhering  thereto, and  with  great  expenfeof  blood  and 



TkeCfeneraU  Ajjembly,     164.9.  23 

Treasure  :  Which  things  were  to  all  the  godly  in  the(e  Nations  a 
branch  of  hope,  that  the  Lord  would  bringto  perfection  theWork 
ot  Uniformity  (lofar  advanced  in  all  the  parts  thereof)  inthefe 
three  Kingdoms. 

But  the  great  obftructions  and  (ad  interruptions  that  have  been 
made  therein,by  the  ftrange  and  unexpected  practifes  of  many  now 
in  place  and  power  in  England,  are  to  all  the  welaffected  in  both 
Kingdoms,  and  in  all  the  Churches  abroad,  the  mitter  of  their 
forrow  and  humiliation.  And  if  there  be  any  place  left  for  ad- 
monition, we  Warn  fuch  as  have  forgotten  the  Covenant,  and  de- 
ipifed  the  Oath  of  God,and  turned  afide  to  lies  and  errour,to  con- 
fider  whence  they  are  fallen,  and  to  repent.  Profperity  and  fuccefs 
for  a  time  are  no  warrantable  evidences  of  a  good  Caufe ,  nor  fuffi- 
cient  guards  againft  the  wrath  ofGod^It  is  no  good  ufe  of  the  Lords 
mercy  for  fuch  men  under  pretext  of  Liberty  to  make  both  them- 
fclvcs  and  others  (laves  to  corruption,  &  to  make  all  men  rboth  in 
Church  and  State  like  the  fifties  of  the  Sea,  or  the  creeping  things 
that  have  no  Ruler  over  them.   Arethefe  things  accoidingtothe 
Word  of  God,  and  the  pattern  of  the  belt  Reformed  Churches? 
Or  is  that  the  endeavour  tobring  the  threeKingdoms  to  the  nearefl: 
uniformity  that  may  be  in  Doctrine ,  Wormip,Government ,  and 
Difcipline-,  Or  is  that  the  maintaining  of  the  union  betwixt  the 
three  Kingdoraes,  when  the  ftraiteft  bond  thereof  is  utterly  diflbl- 
ved  and  quite  taken  away,  and  the  fundamentall  Government  by 
King  and  Parliament  wholly  overturned  f  The  /uft  God  who  is 
of  pure  eyes  beholds  thefe  things ,  and  lhall  with  no  lefTe/ury  and 
indignation  break  the  horn  of  thefe  men,  then  he  hach  broken  the 
po  wer,and  brought  down  the  pride  of  Malignants  before  them ,  if 
repentance  prevent  not. 

Amidft  thofe  fears  and  griefes,  it  is  unto  us  matter  of  rejoycing  , 
that  there  be  many  in  England  who  mourn  for  all  thefe  abomina- 
tions ,  and  labour  to  keep  their  garments  pure  by  refufing  to  com- 
ply with  that  courfe  of  backfliding,  andjby  bearing  teftimonya- 
gainft  the  fame.  And  we  hope  the  expectation  of  fuch,  fhall  not 
be  difappointed ,  but  that  the  Lord  will  open  to  themadooreof 
hope  for  carrying  on  of  his  work,  and  making  the  lying  fpirit  to 
palTeoutof  that  land. 

And  albeit  many  think  no  othei  wife  of  theCovenant  and  work 
of  Reformation ,  then  as  a  mean  to  further  their  own  ends-,  yet 
we  are  confident,  that  none  who  holds  faft  their  integrity,  have  fo 
learned  Chrift,  but  are  carefull  to  make  confeience  of  the  oath  of 
God  lying  on  them  5  And  we  are  furc  (whatever  be  the  bafe 
thoughts  and  expreflions  of  backfliders  from  the  Covenant)  it 
wants  not  many  to  own  it  in  thefe  Kingdomes,  who  (being  called 
thereto)  would  f eale  the  fame  with  their  blood. 

Although  there  were  none  in  the  one  Kingdome  who  did  ad- 
here to  theCovenant,yet  thereby  were  not  the  otherKingdom  nor 

D  any 

i±  TheQenerallAJfembly,    164.9. 

any  perfon  in  either  of  them  =abfolved  from  the^bond  thereof,fince 
in  it  we  have  not  only  fvvorne  by  the  Lord,  but  alio  covenanted 
with  him.  It  is  not  the  failing  of  one  or  more  that  can  abfolve 
others  from  their  duty  or  tye  to  him,  Befides,  the  duties  therein 
contained,  being  in  themfelves  lawfull,  and  the  grounds  of  our  tye 
thereunto  moral,  though  others  do  forget  their  duty,  yet  doth  not 
their  defection  free  us  from  that  obligation  which  lyes  upon  us  by 
the  Covenant  in  our  places  and  ftations.  And  the  Covenant  be- 
ing intended  and  encred  into  by  thefe  Kingdoms,  as  one  of  the  beft 
means  of  itedfaftneffe,for  guarding  againft  declining  times-,  It  were 
ftrange  to  fay  that  the  back-Aiding  of  any  mould  abfolve  others 
from  he  tye  thereof ,  efpecially  feeing  our  engagement  therein 
is  not  only  nationall,  but  alfo  perfonall,  every  one  with  uplifted 
hands  f  wearing  by  himfelfe ,  as  it  is  evident  by  the  tennor  of  the 

From  thefe  and  other  important  reafons,  it  may  appear  that  all 
^Jsi  -  >.  thefe  Kingdomes  joyning  together  to  abolifh  that  oath  by  law,yec 
could  they  not  difpenfe  therewith-,  Much  lefle  can  any  one  of  them, 
or  any  part  in  either  of  them  doe  the  fame.  The  dif  pen  fing  with 
oathes  hath  hitherto  been  abhorred  as  Antichriftian,  and  neve* 
pra&ifed  and  avowed  by  any,  but  by  that  man  of  fin-,  therefore 
thofe  who  take  the  fame  upon  them,  as  they  joyn  with  him  in  his 
fin,  fo  muft  they  expect  to  partake  of  his  plagues. 

As  we  fhall  ever  (God  willing)  be  mindfull  of  our  duty  to  the 
faithfull  that  adhere  to  the  Covenant  in  England)  having  them  al- 
wayesin  our  hearts  before  the  Lord,  fo  we  defire  to  be  refreshed 
with  their  fingleneiTe  and  boldneiTe  in  the  caufe  of  God,  according 
to  their  places.  This  is  the  time  of  their  triall,  and  the  houreof 
tentation  among  them  -  blcfTed  fhall  they  be  who  fhall  be  found 
following  the  Lamb,  and  fhall  not  be  afhamed  of  his  teftimony. 
We  know  in  fuch  dark  houres ,  many  are  drawne  away  with  the 
multitude,  when  the  Lord  will  again  purge  and  make  white ;  And 
we  doubt  not  but  many  fuch  are  in  England,  whom  the  bold  and 
clear  preaching  of  Chrift  may  reclaim-,  Much  therefore  lieth  upon 
the  Wath-men  at/this  time,  that  their  Trumpet  may  give  a  certain 
and  diftinct  found,  warning  and  exhorting  every  one,  as  thofe  that 
muft  give  account-,  And  bleffed  fhall  thofe  fervants  be,  who  fhall 
be  found  faithfull  in  their  Lords  houfe,  diftributing  to  his  houf- 
hold  what  is  meet  for  this  feafon,  and  can  fay  they  are  free  of  the 
blood  of  all  men,having  fhewen  them  the  wholeCounfcll  of  God, 
being  in  nothing  terrified  of  the  threats  of  their  adverfariesj  And 
blefled  and  happy  fhall  that  people  be, that  walk  in  the  light  holden 
forth  by  them,  and  ftaye  upon  the  Lord  in  this  dark  time,  haikning 
to  the  voyce  of  his  fervants,  and  walking  in  the  light  of  his  word, 
and  not  in  the  I  parks  of  their  owne  kindlings,which  will  end  in  f  or~ 
row.  Howinexcufable  will  Englandbe,  having  fo  foulie  revol- 
ted againft  fo  many  faire  teftimonies,  which  the  Lord  Chrift  hath 


The  (jener  all  dffembly  ,16^9.  25 

entredas  Proteftations  to  preferve  his  right,  in  thefe  ends  of  the 
earth  long  fince  given  unto  him  for  his  pofleffion,  and  of  lare  con- 
firmed by  Solemne  Covenant.    Chrifts  right  to  th  e(e  Kingdomes 
is  f urer  then  that  he  fhould  be  pleaded  out  or  it  by  pretended  liberty 
of  Confcience,  and  his  begun  poflemon  is  more  pretious  to  him, 
then  to  be  fatiffied  with  a  difhonourable  toleration.  All  that  yet  we 
have  feen,  doth  not  weaken  our  confidence  of  the  Lords  glorify- 
ing the  hou(e  o!  his  glory  in  thefe  lands,  and  of  his  fonnes  taking 
unto  him  his  great  power,  and  reigning  in  the  beauty  and  power  of 
of  his  Ordinances  in  this  Ifland.     His  name  is  wonderfull,  and  fo 
alfoare  his  workes,  we  ought  not  therefore  to  fquare  them  accor- 
ding to  our  line,butleave  themto  him.  whohath  the  government  laid 
upon  his  moulder,  all  whofewayes are  judgement,  and  whofe  rul- 
ing thefe  Kingdoms  had  never  yet  realon  to  decline .     Ic  is  good 
for  us  to  ftedfaftin  our  duty,  and  therein  quietly  to  wait  and  hope 
for  the  falvation  of  God.     The  word  of  promifeis  fure,(and  hath 
an  appointed  time)  that  he  that  will  come  mall  come  and  will  not 
tarry.     There  is  none  hath  caufe  to  diftruft  the  Lords  word  to  his 
people^  It  hath  often  to  our  experience  beentryedin  the  fire,  and 
hath  ever  come  forth  with  a  more  glorious  luftrc.    Let  not  there- 
fore thele  thatfuffer  in  England  caftaway  their  confidence,  they 
are  not  the  firft  who  have  needed  patience  af:er  that  they  had  done 
the  Lords  will.  But  let  them  Strengthen  the  weak  hands,  and  con- 
firm the  feeble  knees,  and  fay  to  the  feai full  in  heart, be  ftrong, 
fear  not,  behold  your  God  will  come  with  vengeance,  even  God 
with  a  recompence,  he  will  come  and  lave  you.   Now  the  juft 
fhall  live  by  faith,  whereas  thefe  that  draweth  back,  or  become 
lukewarm  in  the  Lords  work ,  his  foul  fhall  abhorrethem,  and  he 
fhall  fpue  them  out  of  his  mouth.    But  we  perfwade  our  felvesof 
better  things  of  thefe  our  brethren  in  England^  and  prayeth  that 
the  God  of  Peace  who  brought  again  from  the  dead  our  Lord 
Jefus,  that  great  Shepheard  of  the  (heep,  through  the  blood  of 
the  evcrlafting  Covenant,  may  make  them  perfect  in  every  good 
work  to  doe  his  will,  working  in  them  that  which  is  well-pleafing 
in  his  fight  through  Jefus  Chrift,  to  whom  be  Glory  for  ever , 


26  TbeCjenerallaAjfembly,  16^,9. 

JB  for  a   Colle&ion  for  entertaining  Highland 
TBoyes  at  Scbooles. 

H  E  Generall  Affembly  Confidering  that  the  con- 
tribution of  fourty  (hillings  for  entertaining  of 
Highland  boyes  at  Schools,  in  refpect  ol  the  pe- 
nury and  great  indigence  of  thole  parts  hath  not 
taken  the  intended  effect,  Therefore  in  refpect  of 
the  necessity  and  profitablenefle  of  fo  pious  a  work 
The  Affembly  in  lieu  of  the  (aid  fourty  {hillings 
Do  Appoint  and  Ordain  that  there  bean  extraordinary  collection 
at  the  Kirk  doors  for  that  ufe  one  Sabbath  in  the  year :  And  to  that 
effect,  that  a  certain  Sabbath  yearly  be  appointed  and  defigned 
whereupon  that  collection  (hall  be  gathered,  intimation  being  made 
by  the  Minifter  the  Sabbath  before  to  prepare  for  fuch  a  col- 
lection, and  the  necefsityand  ufefulneffe  thereof  being  laid  out  to 
the  people  for  that  end.  And  if  the  collection  in  any  little  pri- 
vate Congregation  (hall  be  lcffc  then  fourty  {hillings,  The  Sefsion 
fhall  make  up  what  wants  of  fourty  (hillings ;  And  where  the  col- 
lection is  more,  it  is  hereby  /penally  inhibited  and  difcharged  that 
any  part  thereof  be  retained  or  intervened  to  any  other  ufe  what- 
fomever  •,  And  thele  Collections  (hall  be  fent  to  the  perfons  for- 
merly appointed  to  receive  the  fourty  (hillings,  that  they  may  fee 
the  right  diftribution  and  employment  thereof;  Recommending 
to  Presbyteries  to  fee  this  punctually  performed.  And  accompt 
thereof  (hall  be  craved  at  Synods  and  Generall  AlTemblies.  Ic 
it  alwayes  to  be  remembred  that  the  Congregations  exeemed 
from  the  fourty  (hillings  are  alfo  exeemed  from  this  Collection* 

Commifsion  for  a  conference  ofzSMtnifterStLaw* 
jers  and  Tbyjitians,  Concerning  the  tryal  and 
punifbment  of  Witchcraft,  Charming  and  Con* 

HE  Generall  Affembly  Taking  to  their  ferious  confe- 
deration the  growth  of  the  (ins  of  Witcheraft,  Charmr 
ing  and  Confulting ,  notwithftanding  the  frequent  5bc- 
^  commendations  for  reftraining  thereof  5   And  remem- 
bring  that  the  Generall  Affembly  1 647,  did  propofe  a  good  way 
forthetryallandpunifhrneniof  thefefinncs,  by  appointing  confe- 

7  hevienerall  Ajjembly,  i6y??         27 

rences  with  fomc  Minifters.  Lawyers  and  Phy  fitians  in  chat  matter 
which  hath  never  yet  taken  effe&;Thcrefore  the  Aflembly  doth  Ap- 
point Mjfters,  Robert  Dowgl 'as, Robert  Blair, Mungo  Law,  James  Ham  • 
mi  It  on,  John  Smith,  Robert  Traill,  George  Leflte,  John  Hamilton,  John 
Duncan ,  Samuel  Rutberfoord,  James  Wood,  John  Leviflon,  James  Gu- 
thrie, sAndro  Cant, David Calderwood,  John  (JMoncreiff,Fredcrick*Car- 
miohael^amcs  Durhame, Patrick^  G  Ulef pie, Robert  Ker^fhraim  Melvill, 
Minifters,Tocon{ider  ferioufly  ot  chat  matter ,  and  to  coniulcand 
advife  therein  amongft  chemfelves ,  As  alfo  withSirJrchbald  John- 
fton  of  Wariflon Clerk  Regiiter,Mr.7"/&0W*f  Nicolfon  his  Majefties  Ad- 
vocate,Mr.  Alex,  'eirfon,  one  of  the  ordinary  Lords  of  Seflion,  Sir. 
Lewes  Stewart  Mr.  <nAlex.  Colvill,  and  Mr.  James  Robertson  Juftice  de- 
putes, Mrs;  Rodger  ^lowetfJohnGilmoir ,  indjohn  M/fof,  Lawers$ 
and  with  Doctors  S  it/bald, Cunninghame and  Purves  Phyfitiins  feve- 
rally  or  together  as  occafion  fballoffer^  And  the  Aflembly  earneftly 
rcquefts  and  confidently  expects  from  thele  learned  and  Judicious 
Lawy res  and  Phy  fitians  beforenamed,their  beft  endeavours  and  con- 
currence with  their  brethren  ot  the  Miniftrie  for  advife  and Counfell 
berein,and  tor  conference  in  the  (ai  J  roatter»,AndOrdaine  the  faid  bre- 
thren to  make  report  of  the  reiult  of  their  confutations  and  confe- 
ree cs  from  time  to  time  as  they  make  any  confiderable  progrefse  to 
the  Commifsion  for  public k  affaires  ^  And  the  faid  Commifsion 
n>all  make  report  to  the  next  Generall  Aflembly. 

Recommendation  for  maintenance  of  Schoolmajiers 

gg  H  E  Generall  Aflembly  doe  humbly  Recommend 
to  the  Parliament  or  Committee  for  plantation  of 
Churches,  that  whatever  either  in  Parodies  of 
Burghs  or  Land  wart,  was  formerly  given  to  the 
maintenance  ot  thefe  who  were  readers  precentors 
in  Congregations,  and  teachers  of  Schooles  before 
the  eftablifliing  of  the  Directory  for  publick  Worfhip,  may  not  be  in 
whole  or  in  pan  alienat  or  taken  away»  but  be  referved  for  the  main- 
tenance ot  lufficient  Ichoolmaftersand  precentors  who  are  to  be  ap- 
proven  by  the  Pref  by  cries  AndPresbyteries  are  hereby  required  to  let 
that  none  of  that  maintenance  given  to  the  rorefaid  utesorin  ufcto 
be  payed  thereunto  before  the  eftablifhing  of  the  Directory  of  Wor- 
fhip, be  drawn  away  from  the  Church. 


28  TheQeneraUAffembljy     164.9. 

aAB  concerning perfons  to  be  admitted'Burfars. 

HE  Aflembly  doe  hereby  Or daine  That  none  befcni  to 
Univerfities  from,  Presbyteries,nor  be  admitted  as  Bui  far* 
of  divinkie^ut  pious  youths ,  and  fuch  a?  are  known  to  be 
of  Good  expectation  and  approven  abilities. 

Reference  to  the  Commifsionfor  pubUck^affaitesJor 
reexamining  the  paraphrafe  of  thelJfalmesyand 
emitting  the  fame  for  public kg  ufe. 

[HE  General!  Aflcmbly  Having  taken  fome  view  of  the 
new  Paraphrafe  of  the  Pfalmes  in  meetter  With  the 
corrections  arid  animadversions  thereupon  lent  from 
feverall  perfons  and  Presbyterics,And  finding  that  they 
cannot  overtake  the  review  and  examination  of  the 
whole  in  this  Aflembly,  Therefore  now  after  Jo  much  time  and  lo 
great paines  about  the  correcting,  and  examining  thereof  from  time 
to  time  fome  ycares  bygone, that  the  worke  may  come  now  to  fome 
conclu(ion,They  do  Ordain  the  Brethren  appointed  for  peruiing  the 
fame  during  the  meeting  of  this  Aflcmbly,  vi%.  Matters:  fames  Ham' 
mltotifl,tfohfltSwitb,Hew  xJMackailjobert  Jraill, George  Hutche{on  and 
Robert  Lowrie  after  the  diflolving  of  this  Aflcmbly  to  goe  on  in  that 
worke  carefully,  And  to  report  their  travels  totheCommiffion  o  fthe 
Gcnerall  Aflembly  for  publick  affaires  at  their  meeting  at  Edinburgh 
in  November-,  Arid  the  laid  Commiffion  after  perufall  and  re-exami- 
nation thereof,  is  hereby  authorized  with  full  power  to  conclude 
and  eftablifh  the  Paraphrafe,  and  to  publifh  and  emit  the  fame  lor 
publick  ufc. 

c£be  Cjenerall \JijfemUy>  \6\$.      19 

Letter  to  the  Kings  Majeftie. 
Mojl  gracious  Soyeraigne, 

JEE  your  Majefties  moft  humble  and  LoyallSubje&s, 
the  Commilsioners  from  all  the   Presbyteries  in 
this  your  Majefties  ancient  Kingciome  ,  and  mem- 
bers or  this  prefent  Nationall  Attembly, Having  ex- 
pected to  finde  at  our  meeting,  a  gracious  3nd  Sitis- 
taclory  returne  to  thofe  humble  reprefentations 
Diaut  to  \  our  Majeftie  at  the  Hague ,  by  theCommiftionersof  this 
Kirk,  Cannot  but  exprefle  our  great  (arrow  and  griete,  that  your  goodnes  has  been  fo  farabuied,  As  that  not  only  the  juft 
and  neceflary  defires  prefented  by  them  to  your  Majeftie  ,  which  fo 
much  concerne  the  glory  of  God,  your  ownc  honours  and  happi- 
neffcehe  peace  and  (arety  or  your  Kmgdomes ,  are  Utterly  fruftrated, 
as  wee  perceive  by  the  paper  delivered  in  anf  wer  to   them ;  hut  alfo 
this  Aflembly  huh  not  received  (o  much  as  any  ugmficacion  by  let- 
Ber  of  your  Majefties  minde :  Which  princely  condefcenfion  had  not 
wont  to  be  wanting  in  your  royall  Father,to  former  Gencrall  AfTem- 
blyes,even  in  times  of  greateft  diftance.  Our  witneflc  is  in  heaven,and 
record  on  high  ,  that  wee  are  not  confeiousto  ou'  Selves  of  any  un- 
dutifull  thought  or  dilloyall  affeclion  >  that  might  have  procured 
this  at  your  Majefties  hands  *  And  that ,  as  wee  doe  from  our  hearts 
abominate  and  deteft  that  horrid  fact  oftheSec'ta.ryesagainft  the  life 
of  your  Royall  Father,  our  lite  Soveraigne,  Soitistheunfaincdand 
earneft  defireot  ourfoulcs,  that  the  Ancient  Monaichicall  govern- 
ment of  thefe  Kingdoms,  may  be  eftabhfhed  and  fiourifh  in  your  Ma- 
jefties pcrlon  all  the  dayesol  your  hfc,  and  be  continued  in  your  royal 
Family, whichby  divine  providence  hath  without  interruption  raigned 
over  us  and  our  predeccflors  for  »o  many  Generations  lincethe  time 
that  we  were  a  Kingdom,  And  that  there  is  nothing  under  the  glory  of 
God,  and  caufe  of  our  Lord  Jefus  Chrift  ,  for  which  wee  doe  more 
heartily  t olicite  the  thorne  o!  grace  ,  Or  would  more  readily  expofe 
unto  hazard  all  that  is  dcire  to  us  in  the  world,  then  for  this.      And 
now   though  this  very  great  dilcouragement  might  incline  us  to 
hold  our  peae-at  this  time  •>  Yet  the  tendernefle  and  uprightnelTe  of 
our  affection  and  Love  to  your  Majefties   happinefle  (  which 
many   waters  connot  quench  J  together  with  the  Confcicnce  of 
our  duly  which  our  Lord  and  Mafter  has  laid  upon  us,   in  this 
our  place  and  ftation ,  conftraincth  us,  yea ,  and   your  Majefties 
owne  goodnefle  and  gracious  difpoGtion,  whereof  the  late  Com- 
mifsioners  hav*    given    us  fo  Large  a  teftimony,    Doth   much 
encourage  us ,  to  renew  our  addrefles  to  your  Majeftie  in  this  hum- 
ble i  aithfuU  reprefentation,  both  of  the  great  and  growing  dangers  to 


go  TheCjenerattzJJfembly,  \6\$. 

your  Royall  perfon  and  Throne,  and  of  thefe  duties,  which  the 
Lord  of  Lords  and  King  of  Kings,  call  for  from  you,as  you  would 
look  to  finde  favour  in  his  eyes,  and  to  be  delivered  out  of  your 
deepe  diftreftes. 

Our  hearts  are  filled  with  fears  and  troubles,  in  your  Majefties  be- 
half, when  we  look  upon  the  fad  calamities  which  have  been  already 
produced  by  fuch  wayes  and  courfes,as  we  perceive  your  Majeftie  is 
emred,  and  indangertobefu.therled  awayinto,  by  the  prevalency 
of  evill  Councell  upon  your  tender  age :  Particularly,  Your  refuGng 
to  give  fatisf  action  to  the  juft  and  neceflary  defires  of  the  people  of 
God,for  advancingthe  work  of  reformation  of  Religion,  and  eftabli- 
fhing  and  fecuring  the  fame  in  your  Majefties  Dominions ,  which 
is  nothing  elfe ,  butto  oppofe  the  KingdomeoftheScnneof  God, 
by  whom  Kings  doe  raigne,  and  to  refufe  that  hee  mould  raigne  over 
you  and  your  K  ngdomes  in  his  pure  Ordinances  of  Church  govern- 
ment and  Worfhip  •,  Your  cleaving  unto  thefe  men  as  your  truftieft 
Counfcllors,  who,  as  they  have  never  had  the  glory  of  God,  nor 
good  of  his  people  before  their  eyes,  fonow  in  all  their  wayes  and 
Counfels,  are  i eeking  nothing  but  their  owne  interefts,to  the  hazard 
of  the  utter  fubvedionof  your  Throne  ,  the  mine  of  your  Royall 
Family,  and  the  deiolation  of  your  Kingdomes  5  Your  owning  the 
pra&ifes,  and  intertaining  the  Perfon  of  that  fhgicious  man ,  and 
mod  juftly  excommunicate  Rebellow**  Graham%  who  has  exerciied 
fuch  horrid  cruelty  upon  your  beft  Subjects  in  this  Kingdom,  which 
cannot  but  bring  upon  your  Throne,  the  guiltineflc  of  all  the  inno- 
cent blood  filed  by  him  and  his  Complices  -,  and  above  all ,  that, 
which  we  cannot  think  upon  without  trembling  of  heart  and  horrour 
of  f pirit,  Your  feeling  ot  late  fuch  a  i  'eace  with  the  Irifli  Papifts  the 
Murderers  of  io  many  thoufands  of  yourProtcftant  Sub je£s,w hereby 
not  only  they  are  owned  as  your  good  andLoyaU  Subj  #s,  but  alio 
ihere  is  granted  unto  them  (contrary  to  the  Standing  Lawes  of  your 
Royal  Progenitors,contrary  to  the  commandment  of  the  molt  high 
God,and  to  the  high  contempt  and  difhonor  of  his  Majeftie,  and  evi- 
dent danger  of  the  Proteftant  Religion )a  full  liberty  of  their  abomina- 
ble idolatry*  which  cannot  be  otherwife  judged,buc  a  giving  of  your 
Royal  power  and  ft rength  unto  the  beaft,  and  an  accet lion  to  all  that 
blood  of  your  good  Subjects ,  wherewith  thole  Sonnes  ot  Babell 
have  made  that  Land  to  fwim. 

We  do  in  alt  humility  befeech  your  Majeftie  to  confider  and  lay  to 
heart  what  the  mouth  of  the  Lord  of  Hofts  hath  fpoken  of  all  the  ac- 
compts  of  People,"Naiions,Kings,and  Rulers  aguinft  theKingdom  of 
his  Son,  that  they  imagine  a  vaine  thing ,  and  that  he  that  fitteth  in 
heaven  will  havethem  in  dirifion,and  vex  them  in  his  fore  difpeafure. 
Confider,  how  he  hath  blafte  d  and  turned  upfide  downt  thefe  yea  es 
by  paft,  all  the  devices  and  plots  ofthofe  men  that  now  bcare  the 
Swey  in  your  Majefties  Counfels :  Confider ,  how  the  anger  of  God 
has  been  kindled,  even  againft  his  deareft  Saints  ,    w\  en  they  have 


^1  beLjenerau  lAjjembly,  1049.  ji 

joyned  them  (elves  to  fuch  men  as  he  hateth  and  has  curfed:Confider, 
how  ieveiely  hee  hath  threatned  and  punifhed  (uch  Kings  as  have 
affociate  with  Idolaters,  and  leaned  unto  their  helps.  Surely,  great  is 
the  wrath  of  God,  whereof  you  are  in  danger  5  And  yet  the  Lord  in 
the  riches  or  his  goodnelTe,  forbearance  and  long  fullering,  is  wait- 
ing to  be  gracious  to  your  Majeftie-,  To  day  if  ye  will  heare  his  voice, 
harden  not  your  heart, but  humble  your  fclr  under  the  mighty  hand  of 
God,  lamenting  after  him  as,  for  the  iniquities  of  your  Fathers  houfe, 
efpecially  the  oppofition  againft  the  reformation  of  Religion  and 
CaufeofGod,  the  permitting  and  praclifing  Antichriftian  Idolatry 
in  the  Roy  all  Family  itfelf,andthe  fhedding  of  fo  much  blood  of  the 
people  of  God,  fo  alio,  for  your  owne  entering  to  walke  in  the  like 
courles  in  the  beginning  of  your  raign.  It  is  high  time  to  fall  downe 
before  cne  Throne  of  grace,leeking  to  get  your  peace  made  with  God 
through  Jefus  Chrift  whole  blood  is  able  to  wafh  away  all  your  fins 
To  walk  no  longer  in  the  Councel  of  the  ungodly, nor  cleave  to  fuch 
asieeketh-irown  things  and  not  the  things  of  Jefus  Chrift,  nor  the 
welfareofyour  Subjects  and  Government,  but  to  fet  your  eyes  upon 
the  faithfull  in  your  dominions ,  that  fuch  may  dwell  with  you ,  and 
be  the  men  of  your  Councells,  To  ferve  the  Lotd  in  feare ,  and  kilTe 
the  Sonne  of  God  ,  by  a  fincere  and  cordiall  contributing  your  Roy- 
all  allowance  and  authority,  foreftablifhiuginallyour  dominions 
the  reformation  of  Religion,  in  Doctrine,  Worfhip,  and  Govern- 
ment as  it  is  now  agieed  upon  >  according  to  the  cleare  and  evident 
warrant  of  the  word  of  God, by  the  AlTembly  of  D. vines  at  Weftmin- 
Jler,  and  the  Generall  Aflemblies  of  this  Churchy  And  alio,  lay- 
ing afide  that  lervice  book  ,  which  is  (o  ftuflfed  with  Romifh  corrup- 
tions,And  conforming  your  owne  practile  and  the  worfhip  of  God  in 
your  Royall  Family  ,  to  that  Gofpell  fimplicity  and  purity  which  is 
holden  forth  horn  the  word  of  God,  in  the  Directory  of  worfhipjand 
not  only  to  grant  your  Royall  approbation  to  the  Covenant  of  thefe 
ihreeKingdomes  (without  which,  your  people  can  never  have  from 
you  fuffkient  fecurity,  either  for  Religion,  or  their  juft  liberties)  but 
alfo  your  felfe  to  joyne  with  your  people  therein  as  thegreateft  fecu- 
rity under  Heaven  for  your  perlon  and  juft  greatnefs,  and  to  caufe  all 
of  them  ftand  to  it  by  your  Royall  Command,  according  to  the  pra- 
ctile of  that  gracio  us  King  fofiab,  to  whom  ,  wee  wifli  your  Maje- 
ftie in  thefe  your  younger  yeares,  and  this  begining  of  your  reigne,to 
look  as  to  an  enlample  and  Kingly  portracl  approven  of  God.  Thefe 
things  if  your  Majeftie  doj  As  wee  are  well  allured,that  the  hearts  of 
all  your  good  Subjects  in  thefe  Kingdomes  will  be  enlarged  with  all 
cheerfulnelTe  to  imbrace  your  perfon  ,  and  fubmit  unto  your  Roy- 
all Government,  fo  wee  daire  promifein  the  Name  of  our  Lord, 
that  you  fhallfinde  favour  with  God,  peace  and  joy  unfpeakableand 
full  of  glory  to  your  Soule,  and  deliverance  out  of  your  fad  afflictions 
and-dcep  diftiefles  in  due  time: But  if  your  Majeftie  fhall  go  on  in  refu- 
ting to  hearken  to  wholefome  Councels  •,  We  muft  for  the"di(charge 

F  of 

7,1  TheCjenerallAjJembly,     \6\<). 

of  our  Confcience  tell  your  Majeftie  in  the  humility  and  griefe  of  our 
hearrs,chat  the  Lords  anger  is  not  turned  away,  but  his  hand  ftrerch- 
edoutftillagainft  youand your  Family.     Bur  wee  hope,  and  (lull 
with  all  earneftnefTe  and  conftancy  pray   for  better  things  from,  and 
to  your  Majeftie:     And  whatfoevernjifconftru<5lion(  by  the  malice 
ofthofe that defire not  aright  underftanding  and  cordiall  . conjun- 
ction between  your  Majeftie  and  this  Kirk  and  Ktngdomej  may  be 
put  upon  our  declaration  *  Yet  wee  have  the  Lord  to  be  our  witnefie, 
that  our  purpofe  and  intention  therein  is  no  Other ,  but  to  warne  and 
keepe  the  people  or  God  committed  to  our  caie,  that  they  runne  not 
to  any  courfe  which  would  bring  upon  themfelves   the  guilt  of 
higheft  perjury  and  breach  of  Covenant  with  God,  and  could  not  but 
prove  mod  dangerous  to  your  Mj  jeftie  and  your  Goverment,  and  In- 
volve you  in  ihedding  the  blood  cfthofe  who  are  moft  defirous  to 
preferveyour  MajeftiesPerfon,  andjuft  right  in  all  your  dominions. 
And  now  wee  doe  with  all  eameftnes  befeech  your  Majeftie,that  you 
will  follow  the  courfes  of  truth  and  peace  5  And  that  when  there  is  a 
doore  opened  for  your  Majeitie  to  enter  to  your  Royall  Government 
overvs,  in  peace,  with  the  favour  of  God,  and  cordiall  Love  and 
imbracings  of  all  your  good  Subjects,  You  will  not  fufFeryour  felfe 
to  be  fo  farre  abufed  and  milled  by  the  Councels  of  men ,  who  de- 
light in  War,  as  to  take  a  way  of  violence  and  blood,  which  cannot 
but  provoke  the  moft  high  againft  your  Majeftie,and  alienat  from  you 
„the  hearts  ofyourbeft  Subjects,  who  defire  nothing  more,  than  that 
your  Majeftie  may  have  a  long  and  happy  raign  over  them,  And  that 
they  may  live  under  you,  a  peaceable  and  quiet  life,  in  all  Godlinefle 
and  honefty. 

Tour  Mdjefties  mofl  Loyal  Subjefis 
Edinburgh  6  Augufl,  1649.  and humble  (ervants  the  Mini- 

Jlers  and  Elders  conveened  in 
this  Nafionall  Jffembly  of  the 
Kirkof  Scotland. 

THe  Generall  A  flembly  not  having  now  time  to  confider  the 
Reference  of  preceding  AiTemblies ,  and  the  moft  part  of 
Presbyteries  not  having  fent  their  opinions  in  writ-  Therefore 
do  yet  againe  recommend  to  Presbyteries  and  Provincial  AfTerabJies 
to  confider  all  matters  referred  by  this  or  by  any  former  AiTemblies, 
And  to  fend  their  opinions  therein  in  writ  to  the  next  Generall 

he  meeting  of  the  next  Generall  AfTembly  is  hereby  appointed 
to  be  at  Edinburgh,  the  fecond  wed  nelday  of  fuly,  i6$o. 




Of  the  imprinted  Ads  of  the  Aflembljr,  ld-fp. 

ELeftion   of  Mr.  Robert  'Douglas 
Moderator,  Sef.  i. 
Aft  concerning   the  Commifiion 
from  Ireland,  ibid. 

Committee  for  Refers  and  Appeals,Sef.2. 

Committee  for  Bills  and  Overtures,  ibid. 

Committee  for  publickbulinefs,  ib. 

Committee  for  cryall  of  the  Synod  Books, 

Committee  for  tryall  of  the  proceedings  of 
the  CommiiTioners  of  the  Generall  Af- 
fembly,  ib. 

Renovation  of  the  Commiflion  forvifl- 
ting  Vnivcrfity  of 'Stint  Andrews,  ib. 

Recom.  Gtd.on  Morij'e  to  the  Commit- 
tee of  Eftates,  ib- 

Order  for  fpeaking  the  Earl  of  Abercorne 
for  payment  of  the  bygone  ftipends  of 
Kilp<*tricl^ ,    ib. 

Recom.  bufsinesof/r<?AWto  the  Com- 
mittee for  publick  bufsines,  Sef.  3. 

Continuation  of  Generall  Major  Mtdleton 
to  the  9  of  July,  ib. 

Committee  for  the  Pfalmes ,  ib. 

Ref.  of  the  Protection  of  Mr.  lames 
Morifon  to  the  Committee  of  Refers., 

Aft  Concerning  the  papers  committed  by 
the  Parliament  for  corefpondence,Sef.4. 

Continuation  of  particularReferencesfrom 
the  CommilTion  of  the  General  Afsem- 
bly  untill  the  report  thereof  be  brought 
in  from  the  Committee  of  Refers,  ib. 

Committee  for  considering  theEarle  ofEg- 
ligtottns  Bill  concerning  Mr.Iame s  Eer- 
gttfon,  ib. 

Committee  for  conference  with  the  Com- 
mittee of  difpatches ,  ir> 

Committee  for  conference  with  Mr.  Wal- 
ttr  Comrie  to  fatisfie  him  in   his  tranf- 

portation  to  Inner aray,  ib. 
Continuation  of  the  Lord  OgUvy  to  the 

i7  0fthatinftant,Ser.  5. 
Continuation  of  G.  M.   MidUton  Untill 

fryday  next,  ib. 

Letter  to  the  Brethren  of /the  Presbyterie 
^  of  Carrtcl^fergrtsy  ib. 
Continuation  of  the  Commifsion  for  vifi- 
tation  of  the  Vniverfiry  of  qUfgito,  ib. 
Ratification  of  the  aft  or  thePresbytery  of 
St.  Andrews  concerning  the  agreement 
betwixt  the  Laird  o?Anjhntter  and  the 
Parochiners,  ib. 
Aft  recommending   to  the  Brethren  to 
make  out  the  defections  of  thefe  parts 
of  the  Kingdom  not  yet  defcribed   ib. 
Remitt.    Elizabeth  Armefirnnge  to  the 
Pro vinee  of  £>#;»/>-/>/,  ib. 
Aft  for  a  Minifter  to  Colonel  Gilbert  Ker 
his  Regiment.  Sef.  6. 
Recom.  Mr.  Robert  Iamefone  to  the  Par- 
liament, ib. 
Letter  from  Rive tt  ib. 
Order  for  prefenting  to  the  Parliament  the 
report  ofthe  Commifsioners  fent  to  his 
Majedie,  and  for  printing  thereof,  ib. 
Committee  for  revising  a  Taftate  of  Chro- 

nologie,  Sef.  7. 
Committee  for  confidering  the  Petition  of 
the  Town  of  Edinburgh  for  Ministers 
and  profeffors ,  ib. 
Approbation  of  the  aft  of  tranfportation 

concerning  Mr.  Walter  Comrie  ib. 
Committee  for  correcting  the  paraph'rafe 

the  Pfalmes,  ib. 
Ref.  to  the  Committee  for  publick  bufines 
to  confider  the  petitions  given  in  by   the 

Engagers,  and  report, Sef.  8. 
Committee  for   appointing  Minifters   to 
preach,  ib. 



Recom.  concerning  the  Miniftcr  of  Glen- 
corfe  to  the  Parliament  and  Exchequer, 

Approbation  of  the  fentence  of  depofion 
againfl:  Mr.  Harie  Guthrie  not  with- 
fhndingof  hisappeale,  Sef.  9> 

AcT:  appointing  fumonds  to  be  direct  a- 
gainft  Mr.  Harie  Guthrie,  ib. 

Approbation  of  the  Depofions  of  Mr  John 
Allane  Mr.  AndreV?  leffray  and  Mr. 
Harie  Schaw ,  ib. 

Approbation  of  the  depofitions  of  Mr.  A- 
lexaitder  Monroe,  Mr.  David  Monroe 
and  Mr.  Thomas  Roffe,  ib. 

Approbation  of  the  fufpenfions  of  Mi.'Do- 
nald  Ro(Je,Mr.  William  Roj[r,Mr.John 
Hofackj.  with  the  Ref :  concerning 
h/lttDavidRo(feiW  Robert  Williamfon 
Mr.  Walter  Stewart,Mt.  George  Mon- 
roe and  Mr.  Andro  Anderfone  to  the 
next  vifitation,  ib. 

Depofition  of  Mr.  PatrickJ^raham  fum- 
timeMmifterat  Holme,  ib. 

Committee  for  conference  with  the  Of- 
ficers that  were  upon  the  Engagement, 
Sef.   10. 

Recom.  Mr.  Alexander  Smith  for  his 
ftipend  to  the  Parliament,  Sef.  ir. 

Depofition  of  Mr.  lames  Aitkin ,  ib. 

Admonition  to  the  vifitation  of  Rofse, 
Sef.  12. 

AcT:  for  laying  afide  the  Commifsion  from 
the  Presbyterie  of  O^^y,  ib. 

Order  for  Generall  Major  Midleton  ap- 
pearing with  certification,  ib. 

Order  for  citation  of  Mr.  <tAndro  Ram/ ay 
and  Mr.  William  Colvill,  Sef.  13. 

Ref.  Mr.  EdVeard  Wright  and  Mr-  Andro 
Keir  to  their  Presbyteries,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  George  Halliburton  and  Mr. 
ArchibaldDrumond  to  the  vifitation 
of  Stirling  $v.d  Dumblane,  ib. 

Ref.  to  Commiflion  for  publick  affaires 
concerning  the  providing  a  Collegue  to 
to  the  Minifter  of  Air ,  Sef.  1 4. 

Order  for  citing  of  witnefles  in  the  matter 
of  Mr  rhomas  Ram  fay  dder  y  ib.     • 

Repofition  of  Mr.   William  Cowper  to 
the  office  of  Schoolmafter  in  (,hannerie. 
Sef.   15. 

Approbation  of  the  Depofion  of  Mr. 
lames  Lundic ,  ib. 

AcT  and  Ref.  concetning  Mr.  Walter 
Srpinton ,  ib. 

Ref.  concerning  Mr.  Patrick  Smith^nd 
approbation  of  his  fufpenfion,  ib. 

AcT  and  Ref.  concerning  Mr.  John  Heme 
for  fan  her  tryall,  ib. 

Approbation  of  the  fufpenfion  concerning 
Mr.Ja-.Sdger  and  Ref.concerninghim,ib. 

Depofition  of  Mr.  Ar.dro  Rollocl^  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  William  Sinclair  to  the  vifita- 
tion of  Dunce,  ib. 

Ref.  concerning  Mr  William  Home.  ib. 

Approbation  of  ihe  diligence  of  the  vifiters 
of  Dunce  and  Chtmefide,  ib. 

Committee  to  meet  with  the  Committee 
of  Parliament  forconfidering  and  revi- 
fing  the  proceedings  of  the  vifitation  of 
Saint  Andrews ,  ib. 

Continuation  of  the  btifsines  concerning 
Mr.  fames  Durbames  tranfportation 
till  the  mome,  Sef.  1 6. 

Recom.  for  incarcerating  one  delated  for 
witchcraft,Sef.  17. 

Committee  for  conference  with  the  Lord 
Ogilby ,  ib. 

Recom.  Officers  come  from  Ireland,\o. 

Committee  fo  r  conference  with  the  Earle 
of  Galloway ,  ib. 

Recom.  Helene  Gordoun  to  the  Parlia- 
ment, ib. 

Anfwer  to  the  Petition  given  in  for  the 
Earlesof  Dumjermling  and  Lauder- 
daile,  ib. 

Recom. of  the  relict  of  umquhileD.«yW/# 
to  the  Parliament,  ib. 

Ref.Mr.A>6»  Logie  to  the  Synod.Sef.  i&" 

Committee  for  prefenting  overtures  and 
defires  to  the  Parliament,concerning  the 
Mofse  troopers,  ib. 

Committee  for  considering  Mr,  tAlexa*- 
der  Smiths  condition ,  ib. 

Ref.  Liev.  Col.   Ker  to  hisPresbyterie,ib. 

Ref.  concerning  Pitfoddells  younger, 
vrquhart  of  Old  Craig  and  Thomas 
Menkes  to  the  vifitation  of  Angus 
and  Mernsjb. 

Ref.  Sir  John  Weymes  of  Bogie  to  his 
Presbyterie,  ib. 

Ref.  Sir  John  Maken zje  and  Lievtenant 
Collonel  David  Weymes  to  their  Pref- 
byterie,  ib. 

Ref.  Thomas  Rut herfurd  to  his  Presby- 
terie,  ib. 

Ref.  Liev.  Will.  Sutherland  to  his  Presby- 
tery, ib. 

Ref.  Andro  WardlaVf  to  the  Presbyterie 

oiJtirkcadie,  ib.  Ref. 

Ref.  certainc  perfons  accefsory  to  the  late 
unlawful  engagement  to  theirPresbyteries 

Ref.  Auguftine  Hofeman  to  the  Presby- 
terie  of  Edinburgh ,  ib. 

Ref-  Hary  Steuart  to  the  Presb.  of  Sdinb. 

Ref.  Mrs.  Edward  Wright,  Andrew  Keir 
and  %pbert  Keyth  to  the  Prefbyterie  of 
LtthgoV; ,  ib: 

Ref.  Mts.  fsimes  Guthrie'wi  Angus,Tho\ 
Pearfon  and  Silvefter  Lamie  to  the  vi- 
fitation of  Angus,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  Cjeorge  Halliburton  and  Mr. 
Arch.  cDrummond  to  the  vifitation  of 
Stirling  and  Dumb  lane,  ib. 

Recom.the  divifion  of  Libber  ton  &£>jtod- 
qhen  to  the  Presbyterie  of   2?*££*r,  ib. 

R-t.  Mr.  lohnfrichton  to  the  Presby- 
terie oUGlafgow  and  Taijlaj,  ib. 

Ref.  the  Laird  of  Ke Ihead  to  his  Presby- 
terie, Sef.    i p. 

Rcf.  the  Laird  of  Innes  younger  to  the 
Presbeterieof/Vw'w ,   ib. 

Commifsion  to  the  Presbyterie  of  Kelfo 
for  eximining  M*rgier  Ker ,  ib. 

Recom.  to  the  Parliament  of  the  Petition 
of  the  Commi  iTioners  of  Argyle, 

Aft  appointing  fome  brethren  to  afliftM» 
Gretrjon  in  dicufsing  his  fufpenfion,  ib. 

The  Affonblies  addition  and  their  judge- 
ment concerning  the  Petions  which  were 
to  have  been  prefented  to  the  laft  G- 
Affembly,  ib. 

Aft  declaring  Mr.  Alexander  Smith  to  be 
tranfportable,  ib. 

Committee  for  the  collectors  accompts  and 
Atex.  'BUirsbiU,  ib. 

Act  refuting  the  tranfportation  of  Mr. 
lames 'Dnrham  to  Edinb,  ib. 

Ref.  E-  of  Galloway  to  his  Presbyterie,  ib. 

Ref.  Major  csflerander  Forbes  to  the 
Presbyterie  of  Kincardin,  ib- 

Ref.  Col.  David  Barclay  to  the  Com- 
mifsion for  publick  aflaires,  Sef.    21. 

Committee  for  considering  the  matter  con- 
cerning the  tranfportation  of  Mr.Neill 
Cameron ,  ib. 

Report  from  the  Committee  of  appeales 
concerning  Mr.  Iohn  Hay  his  taking  up 

■   of  his  appellation,  ib. 

Deposition  Mr.  Alexander  Keyth,  ib. 
Ref.  E    ot  Jgueenjberic  to  his  Presbyte- 
rie, Sef.  22. 
Committee  to  confer  with  Mr.  T'triel^ 
Hamiltount  ib. 

Aft  concerning  Mr.  P«tricl^  Hammilton 

Recom-  for  aflifting  the  petition  of  the 

people  of  Atholetbr  dividing  Paroches 

and  planting  of  Kirks,  ib . 
Committee  for  preparing  a  report  in  the 

matter  concerning  G.  M-Ai'dleton  Sef. 

Aft  for  citing  the  E.  of  Abercorne,  ib. 

Committee  for  conference  with  Mr  Harit 
Gutherie,    Sef.  25. 

Approbation  of  the  report  of  the  Commit- 
tee appointed  to  revife  theproccedings  of 
the  vifitation  of  the  univetfity  of  Saint 
^yfndros  ,  ib. 

Ref.  I). "Barron  and  Mr.  Thomas  GUgge 
to  the  Presbyterie  of  ^Andrews,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  Thomas  Rojse  to  the  Presb.  of 
Dingwall,   ib. 

Warrand  for  printing  a  Traftat  of  Crono- 
logie,  ib. 

Recom.  of  the  Petition  to  the  Parliament 
for  erecting  the  Kirkes  oiFairnie ,  ib- 

Recome.  of  trie  Petition  of  D.  Shares  re- 
lift  to  the  Parliament,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  Harie  Qockburne  to  his  Presby- 
terie, ib. 

Order  from  citing  of  Mr.  Andrew  Ramjaj 
and  Mr.  jvUUam  Colv'tll,  ib. 

Aft  for  vifiting  the  Hofpitalls  and  Mortifi- 
cations, ib. 

Recom.  for  changing  the  manfe  of  Mr. 
Qharles  ArchibaldVivcw^QX  at 

to  a  more  comodious  place 
Sef.  25. 

Recom.  of  the  petition  of  Mr.  Robert, 
Scot  Mmifterat£fr/r/?o«to  the  Com- 
mifsion fo  r  planting  of  Kirks ,  ib. 

Recom.  concerning  the  difuniting  of  the  pa- 
roch  of  Abirchirdar ,  ib. 

Ref.  for  the  matter  concerning  the  tranf- 
portation of  Mr-  Neill  Cameron,  ib. 

Aft  fuftaining  the  Appeale  of  the  parochi- 
ners  of  Northberwicb^mth  an  order  for 
citing  the  Minifter  and  parochiners  of 
"Baro  toanfwerin  thecaufc,ib. 

Ref.  Earleof  A btrcorne  to  the  Presbyte- 
rie of  Paijlay,   ib. 

Continuation  of  the  matter  conccrningMr. 
Andro  Ramfay  till  the  morne,  ib. 

Continuation  of  Mr.  William  Colvill 'till 
the  morne,  ib* 

Recorriiof  the  petition  of  the  towne  oSCou- 
G  ftr  to  the 


Commifsion  for  planting  of  Kirks,  Sef.  a6*.  Edinburgh,  ib. 

Recom.theOfficers  come  from  Ireland  to  Recom. <  to  theParliament  for  reparation  of 

the  honorable  Eftates  of  Parliament,  ib.  of  the  lofses  of  Mr.  Alexander  Ferrets 

Deposition  of  Mr.  John  Graham  fometime  Mr.  Robert  Jamefone  and  Mr.Iohn  Kejth, 

Minifter  at  Auchterardor ,  ib.  Sef.  31. 

Approbation  of  the  fentence  of  Depofiti-  Ref.  Mr.  Richard  Maitland  to  the  •  vifi- 

on  of  Mr.  David  Drttmond  fometime  tation  of  the  univerfitie  of  A  berdenejb- 

Minifter  at  LithgoVt,  ib. 
Recora.  Mr.  IohnNairne,  ib. 

Aft  in  the  matter  concerning  the  Kiffe  of 
<Datr[ay,Sef.  32. 

And  for  giving  in  the  appeals  and  Refer-  Remitt.the  matter  concerning  lames  Rof* 

ences  to  the  Alfembly,  ib.  of  Banneil  to  the  Presbyrerie,  ib. 

Approbation  of  the  report  concerning  the  Aft  exeeming  the  Presbyterie  of 'Dunkeld 

Collectors  atcompts,  Sef.  27.  from  payment  of  the  ;forti  e  fhillings  for 

Aft  in  favouf  s  of  Alexander  Blaire ,  ib.  the  highland  boyes,  ib. 

Aft  for  giving  up  Mr.  Bary  guthires  an-  Ref.  John  Maxwell  younger  of  falder- 

peal  upon  his  defireto  cancel  the  fame,rb.  *W  to  the  Prefb.  of  Hamilton,  ib. 

Continuation  of  Mr.   Andro    Ram/ayes  Ref.  of  the  EttieofAtboIs  bill  for  plant- 

bufineffc  till  the  morne ,  ib.  ing  the  Kirk  ofDun\eld  to  the  vifitati- 

Depofition  of  Mr.  William  Colvill ,  ib.  on  of  the  Presbyterie  *f  <Ditnl>eldiib. 

Intimation  if  any  doubt  upon  the  De»  Commifsion  for  vifitation  of  R o^e^Suther- 

claration  to  come  to  theCommittee,  ib.  land  mi  Caithnesy  ib. 

Order  for  writing  a  letter  to  Mr.  Tht-  Commifsion  for  visitation  of  Stirling  and 

odor  Haacisjov  hafting  forth  the  Dutch 
Annotations  upon  the  Bible,  Sef.  28. 

Depofition  Mr.  Andro  Rdmfay  ,  ib. 

Commifsion  for  vifitation  of  the  Vniverfi- 
ty  of  *Aberdeeny  Sef.    29. 

Recom.  Mr.  Gilbert  Merjbell  for  a 
competent  maintenance  to  theCommif- 
fion  for  planting  of  Kirks,  ib. 

'Dumblane,  ib. 
Commission  for  vifitation  of  Angus  and 

MirnSy  ib. 
Commifsion  for  vifi  tation  of  Dunn  and 

Chirnfyde,  ib. 
Continuation  of  the  matter  concerning  the 
tranfportationofMr.  John  Stirling  to 

jtforthberwici^ till  t  he  morne  Sef.   3  3 . 

Recom.  Mr.  George  Clerkjot  acharita-  Approbation  of  the  fentence  of  depofition 

blefuppfie,  ib. 

Commifsion  for  vifitation  of  the  universi- 
ty of  Saint  AndroSy  ib. 

Ref.  to  the  Commifsion  for  publick  affairs 
for  planting  the  place  of  the  proveft  of 
the  old  colledge  of  Saint  Androsy  ib. 

Committee  for  examining  witnefles  in  the 

matter  concernmgMrF^o:/J««»/<9',with  an 

order  for  citing  witnefles  not  appearing,ib. 

Aft  in  favours  of  Mr. 
Sef.  30. 

Aft  appointing  Minifters  to  preach  |in  E- 
dinburgh  during  the  fiting  of  the  Af- 
fembJy  ,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  lames  A f lectio  the  vifitation 
of  Angus and  Mernsy  ib. 

Committee  for  considering  the  petition  of 
theTowne  of  Stirling,  ib. 

of  Mr.  William  VVUkie,  Sef.  34. 
Sufpention  of  Mr.  Robert  'Balcancol  with  theCommifs.  for  publick  affairs,  ib. 
Recom.  Helene  Brfken  to  the  Parliament 

for  a  charitable  fupp  lie  ,  ib. 
Reposition  of  Mr-   Marten  M*ktlVvraey 

with  a  Recomendarion  to  the  Synod  of 

Argyle  to  fettle  him  in  fome  charge  in 

the  Miniftery,  ib. 
William  Douglas,  Ref.  my  Lord  Cochrane  to  the  Commif- 

fion  for  publick  affaires  Sef.  3  5 . 
Ref.of  the  petition  of  JamesSanders  to  the 

vifitation  of  hofpitalk ,  ib. 
Aft  in  favours  of  Violet'D anting  fpoufe  to 

Mr.  George  Hanna ,  ib. 
Aft  refufing  the  tranfportation  ofMr.Mw 

Stirling  offyrthbarWick^  ib.  the  Commifsion  for  publick  affaires 

Aft  in  favours  of  Mr.   Thomas  Ireland  for  planting  the  Kirk  to  Nortkbertyic^fo. 

Minifter  at  Weimey  ib.  Committee  for  conference  with  the  Earle 

Aft  permitting  Iohn  Gillon  to  exercife  his       of  LithgowtStf.  35. 

gift  publickly,  ib.  .Ref.  of  the  Articles  for  election  of  Mini- 

Commiflion  for  vifiting  the  Colledge  0e  fters  to  the 

x    i^  *~s  a-j 

to  the  Committee  for  publtck  bufines  with 
Intimation  to  all  that  have  objections  to 
come  there,  ib. 

Aft  in  favours  of  Mary  Hay  fpoufe  to  Mr. 
Richard  Matt  land  ,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  Alexander  Monroe  to  the  vifi- 
tation of  .KojjTr,  ib. 

Recom.  for  Mr.  Alexander  Monroe  his 
three  hundred  merks  of  augmentation,ib. 

Ref.  yx>ThofnAs  Ramfaj  to  the  vifitation 
oFDunce  tn&CbirnJide^th  continuati- 
on of  his  fufpenfion  in  the  mcane  time,ib. 

Comrotffion  for  vifit&tion  of  the  Kirks  in 
theHieland,  ib. 

Commiflion  for  vifitation  of  D*nkeld,  ib. 

Recom.  lonct  Andro  to  the  Parliament,ib. 

Recom.  Mr.  hhnRefle  to  the  Presbytery 
Of  jb*^*^i»fbrfupplieoutofthe  va- 
cand  ftipends ,  ib. 

Order  for  prefenting  the  Declaration  to 
the  parliament  and  for  defiring  that  the 
acts  given  in  may  be  parted ,  ib. 

Act  concerning  Kircnrds  pafsing  from  his 
appearand  arecomtnendation  to  thePres- 
terie  of  Peebles  for  further  dealing  with 
him,  ib. 

Petition  to  the  Parliament  in  favours  of 
of  the  laird  ofGlennrchie,  ib. 

Petition  in  behalfe  of  Doctor  Sharps  relict 
to  the  Parliament,  ib. 

Letter  to  their  Brethren  in  Ireland  Sef.37 

Committee  for  conference  with  Generall 
Major  Medleton,  ib. 

Ref.  certain  perfons  accefsory  to  the  late 
unlawful  engagement  to  the  Commifii- 

on  for  publick  a#aires,ib. 

Ref.  Alexander  Vrauhart  of  Craighoufe 
to  the  vifitation  of  Rojfe    ib. 

Recom.  *s4g*es  Maxwell  for  a  charitable 
fupplie  to  the  Parliament ,  ib. 

Ref.  for  pla  nting  the  Kirke  01  Kircaldie, 
Sef.    38. 

Ref.  Earl  of  JLithgow  to  hisPresbyterte,ib. 

Ref.  for  planting  the  Kirk  of  Lirhgow  to 
the  Commiflion  for  Publick  affaires,  ib. 

Ref.  for  planting  the  Kirk  of  Stirling,  ib. 

Ref-  for  planting  the  Kirk  of  Dunce ,  ib. 

Ref.  for  planting  the  vaiking  Kirkes  of  E- 
dinburgh  and  the  vaiking  places  of  the 
profeflbrs  of  divinitie  there,  ib. 

Ref.  for  planting  the  Kirk  of  1>Hnkeldyib. 

Ref.  to  the  Commifsion  for  publick  af- 
faires conccring  the  education  of  theEarlc 
oft/ft  bole,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  Colin  Makftitie  and  Mr.  ©4- 
vid  Monroe  to  the  vifitation  of  Rojfejb. 

Ad  forcoUefting  thehiftory  of  thefe  latter 
times,  ib. 

Recom.  of perfonsJfor  charitie,  ib. 

Recom.  Lulian  wilkie for  charitie,  ib. 

Recom.  concerning  the  Kirk  of  "Bervie  to 
the  Commifsion  for  planting  of  Kirks,ib. 

Aft  for  wryting  to  Vhiverfities  for  profe- 
cuting  the  courfeof  Phylofophie,  ib. 

Recom.  Mr.  Robert  lamrfone  for  fome 
fupplie  out  of  the  vaiking  ftipends,  ib* 

Ref.  concerning  the  adjoyning  the  paroch 

of  Month  hill  to  the  parifti  of  Glafle  to 

the  Presbyteries  of  Straiogy&Fordice ,ib 

Recom.  concerning  the  dividing  of  the  pa- 
roch of Tnrrey  ib. 

Ref.  Lewis  Gordon  to  the  Commifsion  for 
publick  affairs,  Sef.  39. 

Ref.  William  Innes  of  Tipper tae  to  the 
Prefbyterie  of  Allane  to  be  relaxed,  ib. 

Petition  to  the  Parliament  concerning  ex- 
acting Oathes  in  the  cafes  of  cuftomc  & 
excife,  Sef.  40. 

Commifsion  for  vifitation  of  Rojfe  ,  ib. 

Commifsion  for  vifitation  of  Orknay yZtt- 
landySutherlandznd  £aithncsy  ib. 

Act  concerning  the  payment  of  /*:  Mnr- 
rayet  dtwSy  ib. 

Recom.  to  Mr.  John  Smith  and  Wt.lMmes 
Hammilttn  to  draw  fome  articles  con- 
cerning the  duties  of  Elders ,  ib. 

Ref.  Vicount  of  Kenmnre ,  ib. 

Ref.  Doctor  Strang *,Sef.  41 . 

Ref.  concerning  the  modification  of  Alex.- 
andtr  Cjuthcric  to  the  vifitation  of\An- 
gus  and  Mtrnfe,  ib. 

Aft  &  the  Magiftrates  of  E di*£>. 
for  repairing  of  tthe  Aflembly  houfe,  ib. 

Ref.  to  the  Commifsion  for'publick  affaires 
to  provide  fome  way  forM  milters  to  fay 
prayers  to  the  Lords  of  Sefsion ,  ib. 

Ref.  to  Commifsion  for  publick  affaires  for 
providing  a  minifter  to  the  Cafte/I  of  S- 
dinbnrgh,  ib. 

Dircftory  for  election  of  Miniftcrs .   ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  tyorge  Hannay  to  the  Comroif- 
fion  for  publick  affaires,  ib. 

Ref.  and  Recom.  to  the  Commifsion  for 
fatisfying  the  paines  of  the  writer  of  the 
paraphrafe  of  the  Pfalms,  Sef.  42. 

Ref.  concerning  G.  M«  Midleton  to  the 
Comaufwon  for  puWickc  again*,  ib* 


Act  concerning  theVniverfity  of  Saint  An- 
dros  during  the  vacation  of  the  provefts 
place  of  the  old  Colledge,  ib. 

Recom.  to  the  Presbyteries  in  the  North 

to  compt  with  the  Laird  of  Eiglunyon 

the  fines  of  excommunicate  periotffto  be 

apply ed  to  pious  ufes  and  to  report  to  the 

next  Affembly  ,  ib. 

Aft  appointing  Minifters  for  the  Army,  ib. 

Ref.  Rorie  Mackenzie  to  the  vifitationof 

.     Rojfe,  ib. 

Ref.  Mr.  William  Colvilli^ct  to  the 
Commiflion  for  publicke  affaires,  ib. 

Recom.  Presbyteries  and  Synods  to  fend 
any  informations  they  can  give  concern- 
ing the  paflages  of  thefe  times  to  the  Mo- 
derator, ib. 

Recom.  for  fending  the  contribution  of 
40.  s.  for  the  Highland  boyes  to  the 
Collectors,  ib. 

Ref.  to  the  viikors  of  A* gyle  for  distribu- 
tion of  the  money  formerly  collected,  ib. 

Exemption  of  'Dunkeld  of  the  collection 
for  Argyle ,  ib. 

Ad  for  continuation  of  the  allowance  for 
difpatches  to  the  next  Affembly,  with  a 
Recom.for  confering  with  my  Lord  Re- 
gefter  and  the  Clerk  about  the  perfon  to 
be  employed  in  that  charge,  ib. 

Recom.  co  the  Commifsion  for  publick  af- 

faires concerning  the  feeling  of  Mr./«A/» $  in  the  profefsion  of  Divinity 
at  Aberdene,  ib. 

Ref.  for  appointing  a  fecond  Minifter  in 
Perth  to  the  Commifsion  for  publick  af- 
faires ,  ib'. 

Ref.  and  Recom  Mr.  William  Cbalmres 
to  the  Synod  of  Aberdene  concerning 
the  fupplie  of  his  necessities,  ib. 

Declaration  concerning  theAd  granted  in 

favours  oiMt.RichardMaiilands  wife,ib. 

Ref.of  the  petition  of  the  Earle  of  Suther- 
land m  name  of  the  Prespyterk  of  Sm~ 
therlandi  ib. 

Recom.  Mr.  John  Keyth  to  the  Parlia- 
ment, ib. 

Recom.  for  dividing  the  paroch  of  Tern* 
to  theCommifsion  for  planting  of  Kirks 

Recom.  the  dis  joyning  of  the  lands  of  o- 

ver  and  nether  Dyferts  (tomBrichen  to 

the  Commifsion  for  planting  of  Kirks,  ib. 

Caufes  of  a  publick  fait,  ib. 

Commifsion  for  considering  the  obftruc- 
tions  of  pictie  and  the  remedies  for  re- 
moving thereof,&  to  report  to  tie  nexe 
Affembly.  ib. 

Recom.  to  the  Parliament  for  puniihing 
counterfeit  TcftimoniaJls,  ib. 


e*  A<H"  . 



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